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SK Summer Sportsfest opens on Saturday

The 2008 SK Federation Summer Sportsfest opens on May 17 at the Davao City Recreation Center.

The opening ceremony will be attended by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, Vice Mayor Sara Z. Duterte and other officials after the parade that starts at 7 a.m.

Basketball, volleyball, chess, badminton, athletics and taekwondo are featured in the sportsfest for 15 to 18 years old participants that ends on June 7.

SKF president and Davao City councilor Halila Sudagar said on Thursday’s Davao Sportswriters Association (DSA) Forum at the Tower Inn that they designed the event to keep the youth away from vices during the summer.

With the theme of “Magdula Ta Para Iwas Droga”, Sudagar said that this will reinforce the other summer activities being organized in the city but placed emphasis that their events are designed to create a stronger youth sector through sports with the help of the City Government of Davao and the Philippine Sports Commission.

Athletics will be played at the Davao City National High School with various events like the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 800-meter run, 1,500-meter run, shot put, long jump and relay events on May 23 to 25.

Basketball is set to start on May 19 that will select the best and youth cagers while badminton will be at the 4Play court.

Sudagar thanked the local sports associations for helping them in organizing the event which she hopes will be organized every summer.


SKF to hold summer sportsfest

The SK Federation embarks on a summer sports activity next month to give young Dabawenyos a venue to do healthy activities, according to SKF president and councilor Halila Sudagar.

On Tuesday’s City Council session, Sudagar said that they will be lining up taekwondo, basketball, volleyball chess and table tennis events with the help of the Philippine Sports Commission-Mindanao satellite office.

“Not long ago, I delivered in this august body a privilege speech that we entitled “DOING LITTLE, ACHIEVING MORE”. There we argued that through play or sports, we can do little but achieve more. Sports is a beacon of hope for the youth. It can provide not only prestige but also wealth. It has become an anti-thesis to drug addiction that ripped the youth to pieces,” she said.

Sudagar has sought the help of the Council members to fund the activity for the youth.

The youth representative met with PSC and Davao City Sports Development Division officials, and representatives of local sports associations that will be involved in the conduct of the games.