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Thailand SEA Games medallists from Davao City


SEA GAMES MEDALISTS. (First row) Shiela Mae Perez of diving, Ruditha Poralan, Sanita Kasim and Amina Anuddin of traditional boat race, (back row) Edmer del Socorro, Ruel Batuto of baseball and Luvelyn Maganda of softball pay a visit at the DSA Forum to talk about their experiences in the Thailand SEA Games.(DAVAO SPORTSWRITERS ASSOCIATION)

Diver Shiela Mae Perez with her gold and silver medals at the DSA Forum at Tower Inn. She left for China to train for six weeks.(DAVAO SPORTSWRITERS ASSOCIATION)


Davao divers contribute gold medal for Team Philippines in 24th SEA Games, Sasa triathlete wins silver

Davaoeño Jaime Asok helped Team Philippines win its 41st and last gold medal in the 24th SEA Games in Thailand.

Asok, who recovered from drug addiction, teamed up with Ryan Rexel Fabriga to win the 10-meter synchronized platform gold medal in diving.

We are happy to learn of the outstanding feat of the Davaoeños in the biennial games.

George Vilog of Sasa, who also faced some problems with his mother association TRAP, also won a silver medal for the country in triathlon.

SPORTS COMMENTARY: Pick yourself up

Defending champion Team Philippines is not doing well in the 24th Southeast Asian Games in Thailand.

Whether there was cheating or not, let’s forget about this dismal performance.

What we are expecting from our sports officials, instead of complaining, they better start working on a realistic and doable sports program that can deliver the needed medals in future SEA Games, Asian Games and Olympic Games.

There has been to much blah, blah, blah.

You have been doing that for years.

Replace the aging and reactive sports leaders and athletes.

Set-up a clear sports direction.

Put in place a policy direction for sports development.

Elect credible National Sports Association heads.

Reform the coaching program by hiring the best.

Set up the needed sports institutes in key cities, specially in Mindanao.

Prosecute the sports scalawags.

Liquidate what is needed to be liquidated, specially government funds.

If not, our athletes will continue to suffer.

And the complaining, blaming will start all over again.

My favorite jazz vocalist, Diana Krall, in her Pick Yourself Up sang:

“Don’t you remember the famous men
Who had to fall to rise again?
They picked themselves up
Dust themselves off
And started all over again”

I could not forget the lines. My friend, James A. Zimmerman, who is fast becoming a computer wizard, helped me download that unforgettable song.