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Congrats Pat-Pat!

Patricia Andrea Maxey or Pat-Pat, the unica hija of Sunstar Davao editor Charles Raymond A. Maxey and wife Bella and grand daughter of Edge Davao-The Business Paper editorial consultant Ramon or Ram (one of the founders of the Davao Sportswriters Association) just attended her graduation day at the Ateneo de Davao campus.

I could not help but feel proud of this young lady who just like any of our comrades in the sports community watched her and other “products of love” grow up.

Well, school work is not yet over Pat-Pat and may God the Almighty guide you in your next step to becoming an educated and productive human being.

To Pat-Pat and the rest of the graduates, congratulations!

SKYcable; about Dr.Dacudao

SKYcable is bringing justice to sports coverage as it now offers high definition service in Davao.
Hundreds if not thousands of Dabawenyos today have flat screen television sets but they sometimes fail to consider subscribing to a company like SKYcable that offers new technology in digital television.
What’s beautiful with SKYcable these days is that it promotes the November 13 fight of Davao’s adopted son Manny Pacquiao against Juan Manuel Marquez.
You might have a nice 42-inch, 1080p TV set but if you don’t have a SKYcable connection, you are actually not maximizing the features of your equipment for the best viewing pleasure.
Who can help you with that? It’s SKYcable.
Why wait? Call (082)3055456 before the promo deadline on November 10!
* * *
I am yielding space to Michelle Manzo who delivered a very informative welcome remarks on behalf of the Dacudao clan in the recent 1st Dr. Elias P. Dacudao Memorial Cup at the Eco2 Tennis Club. A total of 127 young players took part in the event which was sanctioned by Philta and organized by the Davao Association of Tennis Clubs and Philippine Tennis Academy with the support of Head and Chris Sports.
“Good morning.
“I’m Michelle Manzo, daughter of Teresita Dacudao Roque, 3rd child of Elias Dacudao. With us here today are my mother Teresita, my sisters Emily and Carol, my cousin Raymond Dakudao; and of course, my aunt Melanie Dacudao Chan and her husband, Rommie Chan, president of the Philippine Tennis Academy, and who helped make this tournament possible.
“In behalf of the Dacudao family, welcome to the 1st Dr. Elias Dacudao Memorial Cup!
“Our family is very happy and honored to have a tennis tournament held in honor of our father Elias Dacudao. We are even happier that the tournament is being held in our hometown, Davao.
“We consider Elias Dacudao as the Father of Davao Tennis. While he was a medical doctor and businessman by profession, his heart was really more into tennis and chess. As a result, he devoted much time and resources in developing tennis in Davao and in encouraging young deserving tennis players to excel in the sport by providing moral and financial support. It gave him much joy to hang out at the old Magallanes tennis courts, in the clubhouse he helped build. And his dream was to help improve the lives of young kids, especially those from Mindanao, by teaching them to play tennis, and in the process, inculcate in them the values of hard work, discipline and sportsmanship.
“We like to think that Elias Dacudao attained his dream. You may be too young to recognize the names, but he mentored a stable of tennis players that included the Valleramos brothers – Ben, Bernardo (or Jun) and Manuel. Manuel Valleramos went on to become the no. 1 player in the Philippines and a Southeast Asian Games gold medallist. Jun was likewise a nationally ranked tennis player, as well as a Philippine national tennis team coach. Another protégé was Danilo Pila, a Davis Cupper. My cousin Raymond was also a Davis Cupper, who received a college tennis scholarship in the US together with another protégé, Rodrigo Cabato, and my sister Teresa. My sisters, Teresa, Emily and Carol, were likewise former nationally ranked junior tennis players, who represented the country in many international tournaments.
Other protégés like Rene Abastillas and Melchor Sabandon became tennis coaches / trainers. These players, together with countless others, are just some of the people whose lives were touched by Elias Dacudao.
“Now, with this tournament, it is our family’s fervent wish that the legacy of Elias P. Dacudao will continue and that Mindanao, especially Davao, will again become a fertile breeding ground of nationally and internationally ranked tennis players.
“Thank you to the organizers and sponsors of this tournament and good luck to the participants!””
* * *
Happy birthday to kuya Noel Albano and Davao Sportswriters Association president Charles Raymond A. Maxey (Nov. 3).

To send, or not to send Davao athletes

Adriano “Bong” Go, former Ateneo de Davao University and Sarmiento Group team coach in the 70’s, is coming home for the Davao Basketball Coaches Clinic on October 28 to 30 at the University of Mindanao-Matina Campus.
Coach Bong has honored the invitation of UM coach Manny Nitorreda for him to be an instructor to our local coaches and what’s good about this is that the multi-titled mentor will be bringing his wealth of experience since being accredited as FIBA Asia instructor last year.
So, to all Davao coaches, mark your calendars and attend the clinic. For registration, you can visit the office of Atty. Nitorreda on the second floor of Merco Building,  Bolton Street.
* * *
Before the end of the month, Liga Dabaw is organizing a tournament for public schools at the Davao City Recreation Center.
This is a follow-up to the successful Liga Dabaw Season 2 Inter-School Championship topped by the University of Mindanao Cardinals in the women’s division, Assumption College in the secondary girl’s class and junior’s division, and Ateneo in the cadet category.
The public schools, this time, will be given an opportunity to showcase their talented players who we hope will also find their way to becoming new basketball scholars in our colleges and universities.
The success of Liga Dabaw has made officials wear big smiles these days, especially Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas regional director Regino “Boy” Cua who chipped in P50,000 for the recent tournament that was well managed by SBP city commissioner lawyer Marvin “Oying” Melodias and commissioner Rico Jhone Biliran, both fine graduates of the Holy Cross of Davao College.
Frankly, the money was not enough to run the tournament but with brilliant minds running the event, coach Oying and Rico were able to make sure the event ended  with a big bang.
Congratulations gentlemen!
* * *
There is growing concern on the plan to send or not to send a Davao City delegation to the Batang Pinoy Mindanao Qualifying Games in Zamboanga City on October 27 to 30.
Just recently, a twin bombing rocked our beloved Zamboanga City and athletes and coaches are now waiting for the Philippine Sports Commission to send word to them if a cancellation or rescheduling is in order.
As of last Friday, the PSC had not yet sent any word to local government unit officials in Mindanao if they can secure the safety of our young athletes and coaches. Unfortunately, the Batang Pinoy Secretariat in Manila has not responded too to the inquiry made by this corner.
If you ask me, I won›t send the players to far away Zamboanga if the organizers cannot assure me of their safety.
I would rather look forward to the student-athletes playing in the Davao City Athletic Association Meet on October 24 to 28 at the Davao City National High School where they will be safe and sound.
Then, I can sleep well at night.

PAL golf reset, City High dev’t program

PAL’s VP for Corporate Communications Joey de Guzman informed this corner that the Ladies Interclub on Oct.11 to 14 has been moved to November.
Once the airlines’ operations normalize, de Guzman said they will announce the new dates as soon as possible.
This is good news for our Davao lady golfers who now have more time to hone their skills.
Right, team captain Imee Garcia of Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club?
* * *
Davao City High School Batch ‘81 officers led by Dr.Romel Bernardo could not thank enough supporters of the recent 1st Scholarship Run.
Dr. Bernardo and his classmates like Susan Paredes are excited to work on the next Scholarship Run as sponsors like Castrol GTX have committed to support them again.
I hope that Magnolia Juice Drink, Stadium Buffet Restaurant and Sports Lounge, Astrochairs, Minola-Legaspi Oil, JB Management, JNR International Training, JC Joctris Industries and Engineering Services, Pediatrica Inc., Bontee, Ice Peak, Knollman, Daily Apple, Vital Purified Water, RDL, San Miguel Corp., Colgate Phils., Uni-Frutti, RunClub Davao, UCPB Bajada, UMBN, the Davao City Mayor’s office and volunteers from Trimocc, Y Competence and Explorer Group will still be around next year.
Deserving students need help and because of you guys, they will be able to finish a vocational and even a university degrees.
* * *
Allow me to go back to coach Jose Alther Rivera of the Davao City National High School.
They just put in place the DCNHS Sports Development Program for student-athletes.
This is a special project that will develop, not only their skills in sports, but to make sure that the right character is developed in them while they are in school. The value formation sessions, they hope, will also become part of their lives that they will continue to become productive citizens and role models.
The teachers will also exert more effort in helping them with their academics, which are not really their core strength.
I find this project so beautiful and the dedication of teachers like coach Alther and his team will for sure make the biggest difference in the lives of the student-athletes.
They just launched their project on Facebook hoping that this will draw attention and support from corporations looking to expand or even set up their social responsibility activities this year.
The student-athletes, I tell you, need your support as they also aspire to excel in their chosen fields in athletics, arnis, badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, football, volleyball, sepak takraw, taekwondo and table tennis.
Call coach Alther or Dr. Rivera, to make it a little formal, at 09291766869.
Believe me, Alther is an honest man who will make sure that every centavo you give or equipment is properly accounted for.

Dacudao Cup; Carmen tennis

Preparations are underway for the 1st Dr. Elias Dacudao Memorial Cup on October 22 to 25 in Davao City.
Rommie Chan, Dr.Dacudao’s son-in-law, has been moving in and out with the help of Philippine Tennis Association (Philta) regional director Engr. Carol Angel to smooth things out for the tournament as a way of honoring the late sports leader known by old-timers here as the Father of Davao Tennis.
Head, maker of world-class tennis rackets like the YouTek IG Speed MP 18/20 used by world no.1 Novak Djokovic, grips, strings, bags and other accessories, has also come in as supporter of the event as co-sponsor.
* * *
Carol has continued to forge strong ties with local government unit heads in Davao del Norte province.
Carmen mayor Marcelino Perandos, who has turned the once-sleepy town into a vibrant municipality, has plans to build a tennis court, aside from other venues for other sports. Good thing, he has closely linked with Carol, who for sure will find a way to help in the development of the sport in his municipality.
Mayor Jose Silvosa of Panabo City has almost completed building their tennis courts beside the indoor gym which has played host to a number of PBA games.
With these developments, aside from Tagum City, which has produced outstanding players like former NCAA No.3 player Nathaniel Naromal, more young players will be developed in a sport where we can excel on the international stage.
Under Carol’s watch, oh boy, youth tennis development will be in good hands.
* * *
Once Davao City mayor Inday Sara approves the proposal, a few days from now, the Elementary Games will start in Davao City when the Sports Development Division under its sports coordinator Cholo Elegino targets 13 years old and below players to be given a chance to show their wares in various sports disciplines.
Looking for players to be developed should definitely start in the elementary division and this is the right direction taken by the sports division.
While there is also a need to support open tournaments for all ages, it is but right to take a closer look at the 13 under division. This is the right age to identify talented players who can be supported by the local government unit and National Sports Associations.
If done properly, Davao City in a few years time will emerge as a producer of top-notch athletes who can be absorbed by national teams.
That would be wonderful.

City High 81 run

Please don’t forget to support the Davao City High School Batch 81 Scholarship Run on Oct.2 presented by Castrol Philippines GTX .
The more runners joining, the better as funds are being pooled to support deserving high school students get into college or university and graduate.
The race starts at 5:15 a.m. for the 10-K, 5:30 a.m. for the 5-K and 5:45 a.m. for the 3-K starting at the Peoples Park.
Registration is going on at RunClub Davao in Obrero (2228786), city treasurer’s office Room 1 at City Hall (2268001), Astrochairs in Bajada (2212222, 2213333), Stadium Buffet Restaurant in Matina (2990898) or contact the Secretariat at  09088814237 or 09228861021.
Support this noble cause and you will be glad you did.
* * *
Brokenshire College only recently organized the 2011 Sports Management Seminar and Cheerleading Accreditation with participants coming from all regions in Mindanao.
Important areas in sports development were discussed by resource speakers from the Philippine Sports Commission and Philippine Center for Sports Medicine as well as from Davao’s Bravetower Promotions.
Brokenshire College will soon have roadshows in key cities in Mindanao to promote cheerleading as a sport in collaboration with the Women’s and Men’s NCAA.
So expect, the WNCAA and MNCAA to visit schools in General Santos City, Koronadal City, Tagum City and even as far as Zamboanga City.
We just hope that cheerleading as a sport and sports management as a new course will thrive and become strong in Mindanao.
* * *
Coach Alther Rivera of the Davao City National High School is planning to do something big for student-athletes.
His plan is to set up a sports high school curriculum similar to other schools in the country.
What will happen is that for every year level, there’s a section that is composed only of student-athletes. So their academic needs are addressed in a special way by teachers.
You see, rarely can you see an athlete who is academically strong. Their strength is mainly in athletic endeavors, so through this move, teachers will be able to do a program specifically designed for them in order for them to adjust and excel too in academic work.
It’s actually a tougher job, but coach Alther and his co-workers want to work things out to help student-athletes.
This is really wonderful and I hope big private firms will also come in to support this program.
* * *
Happy birthday to Inquirer correspondent Dennis Jay Santos.

Malditas, Phoenix Trip Ko

While our men’s football team, the Azkals, is currently dealing with some problems involving “star” players, our Malditas are preparing for the ASEAN Football Federation (AFF) Women’s Championships set October 16 to 25 in Vientiane, Laos.
Malditas coach Ernest Nierras released a provisional list of 27 players which will be trimmed down to just 20. We are happy to know that identical twins Marice and Marie Magdalot, former players of the Philippine Women’s College and Davao Football Association, have been recruited by the RP Team to join.
We hope that they will do their best while training and be part of the final roster of 20.
The Magdalots are among the young players recruited by the Philippine Football Federation to beef up its national squads for international competitions.
We even have our Little Azkals and Dabawenyos Jed Diamante and Javi Romero-Salas are part of the team.
The recruitment of Davao players to the national teams is the result of the year-round tournaments organized by the DFA with the help of sponsors from both the public and private sectors. We can even produce more top-caliber players in Davao if the PFF starts sending even just a little portion of the funds they annually receive from FIFA to the DFA.
Oh well, when will PFF share a five-digit sum or better still six digits for football development in Davao?
Just imagine the cost of maintaining the DFA Clubhouse, lights and field. It would be a big help, Sir Nonong Araneta.
* * *
The recent Phoenix Petroleum Trip Ko Basketball Tournament resulted to the recruitment of a former banana barbeque vendor by the DMMA College of Southern Philippines basketball team.
Raffy Tabudlong of Sasa had a hard-time in life, but thanks to the opportunity given by Phoenix Petro, he was discovered as one talented player and that induced DMMA to have him on board the team after the tournament.
That’s the beauty of private sponsors getting into sports because you can always find a talent worth supporting. Lovely!
The good news now is that Phoenix Petro will be organizing its second Trip Ko basketball soon. The one behind this event is sporting a big smile again.
* * *
The Sisters of Mary Immaculate-Davao is organizing the “Takbo Ko, Edukasyon Mo” 5-K Fun Run on Oct.15 starting from Roxas Avenue.
The event hopes to raise funds for less fortunate children who are under the care of a loving staff at the Fr. Domenico Masi Center. The Center is a residential care of hundreds of home-based scholars, according to organizer Kharla Acosta.
Kharla is calling all Dabawenyos to be part of the event by registering at RunClub Davao in Barrio Obrero or Lots for Less in Lanang. You can also text or call 09207932213, 09426800681.
* * *
We will be keeping in touch with ABAP executive director Ed Picson as Davao’s Rey Saludar, the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games gold medalist, gets ready for the AIBA World Boxing Championships in Baku, Azerbaijan.
Saludar, a flyweight, hopes to just get into the Top 8 to earn a ticket to the 2012 London Olympics.
Fellow Dabawenyos Anthony Barriga, a light flyweight, and lightweight Charly Suarez,are also gunning for honors on Sept.26 to Oct.8. This is it guys!
* * *
Happy birthday to ‘nong Rene Balugo, Freeman editor Nimrod Quinones, mi hermana Rachel Rodriguez, San Miguel Corporation’s Randy R. Dominguez, Davao City’s former No.1 councilor Mabel Sunga Acosta and fellow Holy Crossian Rochelle Rubio.