Grand horse oval fun race at Kadayawan sa Nenita Farms


By George Walter Misa

This Kadayawan 2013, expect a unique and exciting addition to the celebration.  For the first time, Nenita Farms at Marapangi, Toril flings its doors open to the public by way of holding “Kadayawan sa Nenita Farms,” a barrio fiesta style of celebrating along with the City’s famed annual festival.  A whole day affair of fun, food and games awaits the visitor to this seemingly mysterious place that was once off limits to the public, the main reason being the sensitive nature of raising swine in huge quantities. At one time, when the business boomed, the place was aptly nicknamed “Porks Park,” alluding to the enclave of the rich and famous Forbes Park in Makati. Not too many Davaoenos know that for more than forty years, Empire Joy Stud Farm also bred pure Thoroughbreds (race horses) of famous winning stock from England, US and Australia in the same property that rolls gently up to the foothills of Mt.Talomo.  No more. The piggery has been moved to a province north of the City and only a few thoroughbreds remain. In their stead now stands a monumental oval race track that can give the Sta. Ana Race Track of Manila (now in Carmona, Cavite) a run for their money.  World class in its size, track and equipment, the facility, now named San Antonio Park, is a Davao jewel waiting to be discovered. Not to forget the storied Malayan House, a wooden, South East Asian-inspired country house sitting atop the vast land, where who’s who in Philippine high society, commerce and industry and politics were entertained.

            “Kadayawan sa Nenita Farms” is therefore an event you woudn’t want to miss in this Kadayawan.  Aside from experiencing a thoroughly different environment for a change, the festivities will showcase the different products and services of the Anflocor Group of Compnies, to which Nenita Farms belongs, and will highlight the grandest fun horse races in the brand new oval race track! Come and feel the exhilarating world of horse racing!  Jump in excitement as you watch your favourite horses run the 2-kilometer race track and rush with their last ounce of energy to the finish line! Ohh, and the cash prizes! Many other games on horseback are lined up, such as the Barrel Race, Trip to Jerusalem On a Horse, Pole Bending, and Beer Drinking contest among others. Visitors will be encouraged to join line dancing and do the barn dance at Malayan House.

The horse events are being held in cooperation with the Davao Horse Club – in a partnership with Empire Joy Stud Farm that goes back 14 years of staging the Davao Horse Show & Competition. Horse aficionados and horsemen from Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon are expected to join in the fun in this first ever Kadayawan sa Nenita Farms. The date is set – August 10, Saturday and the  celebration starts at ten in the morning.  Mark the date.


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