Cebu CC finishes with aplomb, nails second straight PAL title

Eric Anthony Deen, Andre Borromeo, Mark Anthony Dy, LLoyd Jefferson Go, Jovi Neri, Marko Sarmiento, Gen Nagai, Ramontito Garcia, Carl Almario, Charlie Go, team manager and Bayani Garcia. Back-to-back Champion of the 66th PAL Men’s Interclub concluded at Cebu Country Club golf course.
Cebu Country Club completed a wire-to-wire triumph yesterday and achieved a Philippine Airlines Interclub first for the club by repeating as Men’s Regular champion yesterday on its home turf.
Mark Dy fired a two-under-par 70 worth 38 points and the next three scorers all chipped in 30 or more in a closing 132 that gave the Cebuanos a 16-point victory over young Alabang with their 507 total.
Marko Sarmiento fired 33 points, skipper Ramontito Garcia accounted for 31 and Eric Deen assembled 30 to complete scoring for Cebu CC, which finished with a flourish that it threw out the 28 of Japanese teenager Gen Nagai.
Del Monte returned 121 points built around Lawrence Cubillo’s 34 and was third another six points behind Alabang, which clearly stood out as the surprise package of the tournament, especially with Keanu Jahns cracking par for the second straight round at tough Cebu Country Club here.
Jahns, a 17-year-old half-German, fired a 40 and Jama Reyes contributed with 31 points as the Muntinlupa-based squad shot 125 points for 491 overall that announced its coming as a legitimate force in the country’s unofficial team championship.
“This is very sweet – back-to-back for the first time,” Garcia said. “This is a new era in PAL golf.”
Sta. Elena drew 37 points from Philippine Sports Commission chair Richie Garcia but had dismal contributions from the others to check in with a fourth round 105 and finish fourth at 383.
Cebu CC broke away from a tight tournament on the third day, when LJ Go, a 17-year-old awaiting a golf scholarship at Seton Hall in the United States, led a thorough taming of Mactan Island Golf Club on Friday that opened up a nine-point lead.
The eventual repeat champs actually had a tough start, shooting just 120 points on Wednesday – one of the lowest, if not lowest, rounds by any leader in the history of the tournament – at Mactan.
Dy, who failed to count with 26 points in the opening round at Mactan on Wednesday, had four birdies in the finest final round effort of his Interclub career, which could come to an end next week as he tries to qualify for the ICTSI Tour in Tagaytay.
Gabriel Manotoc contributed 28 points for Alabang, which counted the 26 of AR Ramos and discarded the 18 of Santi Lorenzo.
Ramos was the leading scorer for Alabang at Mactan on Friday with 34 but couldn’t get it going yesterday.
Reymon Jaraulla fired 31 and Magno Arancon and Jets Sajulga contributed 29 and 27 points, respectively for Del Monte, the 2011 winner which did not count the 26 points of Julius Bautista.
The PAL Interclub is being sponsored by the Department of Tourism, 105.1 Crossover, Solar Sports, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, 92.3 FM Radyo 5, Araneta Coliseum and AXN. Major sponsors are Airbus, Manila Broadcasting Corporation, Philippine Broadcasting Network, People Asia, Radio Mindanao Network, Business Mirror and ABS-CBN The Filipino Channel (TFC).
Corporate sponsors include Radisson Blu Hotel, Shangri-La Resort & Spa, Boeing, Inquirer Golf Magazine, Philippines Graphic and Manila Bulletin.(pr)

4th day scores


472- Orchard 114-118-108-132, 457-Negros 103-130-99-125; 451-Southwoods 105-123-109-114, 442- Valley Golf 100-120-101-121; 431-Wack Wack 99-115-96-121; 425- Forest Hills 100-111-104-110; 417-Alta Vista 100-109-93-115; 415-Villamor 102-105-93-114, 400-Apo 103-106-95-96; 397-Palos Verdes 92-116-89-100; 387- Riviera 93-93-100-101, 377-Manila Golf 93-107-85-92, 375-Eagle Ridge 103-92-87-93; 367-Tagaytay 90-111-65-101; 363 Iligan 84-98-97-84


299-Filam Hawaii 87-85-58-69; 278-SFO Crystal Springs 56-61-86-75; 273-Pittsburg 68-73-75-57; 271-North Gate 71-67-63-71; 262-Figme 70-60-68-64, Mabuhay SFO 80-55-58-69, Mt Malindang 53-64-62-83; 256-Gren Tee 60-61-76-59; 244-Cotabato 67-65-61-51; 216-Skywest 54-44-61-57; 148-Moffet Field 44-41-63-DQ


507- Cebu 120-130-125-132; 491- Alabang 116-128-122-125; 485 – Del Monte119-128-117-121; 383-Sta Elena 97-102-79-105; 292-Pearl Kai Hawaii 70-78-62-82; 287-Greenhills West 68-72-44-103; 255-Leyte 50-96-47-62; 249-Brotherhood 57-57-62-73; 235-SFO Heritage 47-68-51-69; 228-Vancouver Golf 58-66-39-65; 220-FilOz Sydney 50-60-47-63; 202-Van City 55-48-38-61; 197-South Bay  42-41-50-64; 167-Greater YVR 29-55-45-38; 153-Baguio 29-36-37-52; 127-Yokohama Eagles 28-46-22-31; 96-Kuwait 19-31-25-21


400-Club Filipino 99-100-99-102; 385-Zamboanga 108-83-99-95; 376-Mactan 102-84-84-106; 374-Saranggani 103-87-98-86; 369-Bay Area 94-85-98-92; 361-Camp John Hay 92-83-109-77; 357-Lumbia 85-84-94-94; 350-Camp Evangelista 90-72-96-92; 349-Stanford 86-68-98-97; 347-Red Hawk  101-64-96-84; 338-Phil Navy 85-77-95-81; 337-Iloilo 81-82-94-80; 334-Sherwood Hills 85-83-90-76; 332 Pueblo DeOro 83-74-95-80; 330-Maharlika 84-82-84-80; 329-FilAm Fairfield 83-71-90-85; 328-FGA1 Riyadh 86-64-86-92; 326-PGA BC 89-75-85-77; 312-Victorias 68-59-96-89; 310-UP Tee Jots 82-65-83-80; 308-San Juanico 86-66-85-71; 306-Lanang 76-71-81-78; 299-Guinhalaran 78-74-85-62; 296-Davao 81-67-74-74; 291-Austral Asian 73-66-77-75; 289-South Cotabato 77-69-80-63; 283- Bacolod 78-71-87-47; 231-Seattle 51-61-65-54; 229-Melbourne Pinoy 53-67-46-63; 192-Pinoy  YVR 63-47-49-33; 130-Riyadh 30-32-27-41


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