Idol Al writes another masterpiece



Sonsona soon to recapture his lost throne

YOU stop fighting for 18 months.

You bum around.

You treat your life like a rag.

You listen to no one, not even to your heart.

Your past was nothing.

The present is meaningless.

The future means nothing.

You are in limbo:  Floating.

You could even be in purgatory:  Struggling with your self.

Hell is close by:  Nothing good coming out from your lips.

Then, seemingly in a snap, you wake up.

Ah, what’s happening?

In a flash, the past comes back.

Man, I was a former world champ.  The globe was in my fingertips.

Why did I lose my throne?

I made a mess of myself.

I let success consume my ego.

I broke all the rules.

Ah, the good life.

Didn’t know when to stop; took the fast lane without regard for those toeing the safe side.

People close to me, who cared for me, stuck by me—I dropped them all like hot tongs.

Segue to the present:  I am nothing.

My friends are gone.

I am worst than an orphan:  Not even one shoulder left to cry on.

My fault:  Everything I had, I threw them all in one fell swoop.

Crazy me; I am Paul McCartney’s fool on the hill.

The only significant thing left in me is the shirt in my back.

Oh, wait, there’s one more:  My name.

So, what’s my name again?

Marvin Sonsona.

They used to call me Marvelous Marvin.

May I be called that again?

Of course!

You are only 21 years old.

Dump that road to perdition; retrace that road to redemption.

For one so talented, the comeback trail beckons.

For one oozing with skills, vengeance isn’t far-fetched even.

And so, because comebacks are not for sissies, the machos take the lead; easily, they can hit the beaten path.  Again.

Train Sonsona decides.

Back to the salt mines.

Nice to know there were those who kept the faith.

But at the end of the day, it’d be your faith that matters the most.

All right, Sonsona remounts the ring.

He wins—almost easily.

Knocking down Carlos Jacobo of Mexico in the eighth on Saturday, Sonsona proceeds to win by a unanimous decision.

When you are good, you are good.

Sonsona is the most natural boxer to come along in years.

It’s not soon when Sonsona recaptures his throne. It’d be ASAP.

And that’s saying it mildly.


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