PAL golf reset, City High dev’t program

PAL’s VP for Corporate Communications Joey de Guzman informed this corner that the Ladies Interclub on Oct.11 to 14 has been moved to November.
Once the airlines’ operations normalize, de Guzman said they will announce the new dates as soon as possible.
This is good news for our Davao lady golfers who now have more time to hone their skills.
Right, team captain Imee Garcia of Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club?
* * *
Davao City High School Batch ‘81 officers led by Dr.Romel Bernardo could not thank enough supporters of the recent 1st Scholarship Run.
Dr. Bernardo and his classmates like Susan Paredes are excited to work on the next Scholarship Run as sponsors like Castrol GTX have committed to support them again.
I hope that Magnolia Juice Drink, Stadium Buffet Restaurant and Sports Lounge, Astrochairs, Minola-Legaspi Oil, JB Management, JNR International Training, JC Joctris Industries and Engineering Services, Pediatrica Inc., Bontee, Ice Peak, Knollman, Daily Apple, Vital Purified Water, RDL, San Miguel Corp., Colgate Phils., Uni-Frutti, RunClub Davao, UCPB Bajada, UMBN, the Davao City Mayor’s office and volunteers from Trimocc, Y Competence and Explorer Group will still be around next year.
Deserving students need help and because of you guys, they will be able to finish a vocational and even a university degrees.
* * *
Allow me to go back to coach Jose Alther Rivera of the Davao City National High School.
They just put in place the DCNHS Sports Development Program for student-athletes.
This is a special project that will develop, not only their skills in sports, but to make sure that the right character is developed in them while they are in school. The value formation sessions, they hope, will also become part of their lives that they will continue to become productive citizens and role models.
The teachers will also exert more effort in helping them with their academics, which are not really their core strength.
I find this project so beautiful and the dedication of teachers like coach Alther and his team will for sure make the biggest difference in the lives of the student-athletes.
They just launched their project on Facebook hoping that this will draw attention and support from corporations looking to expand or even set up their social responsibility activities this year.
The student-athletes, I tell you, need your support as they also aspire to excel in their chosen fields in athletics, arnis, badminton, basketball, boxing, chess, football, volleyball, sepak takraw, taekwondo and table tennis.
Call coach Alther or Dr. Rivera, to make it a little formal, at 09291766869.
Believe me, Alther is an honest man who will make sure that every centavo you give or equipment is properly accounted for.

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