Futsal at NCCC; take care of Liga Dabaw

Bravetower Promotions, Philippine Futsal, Phoenix Petroleum, NCCC Mall Davao, the City Government of Davao in cooperation with Futsal de Davao, Sun Cellular and Premier condoms are presenting the Futsal Winner’s Cup Davao leg on July 16 and 23 and August 7 at the NCCC Mall’s Activity Center.

Match commissioner Alex Adolfo, my classmate in the Asean Football Federation-Adidas Administration Course in 2000, is back in the thick of things in making sure that the tournament runs smoothly.

What makes the tournament more attractive is that the Davao leg champion will advance to the PFC Cup national finals in Manila on November 26 where they will play for the right to represent the country to the International Futsal Tournament in Belgium.

With this big bonus, it’s no wonder that Nivea, Accel, Multivitamins Enervon, Enervon HP, The Village Sports Club, Columbia Computer Center Davao Inc., Acer and Edco & Sons Tent Rentals, S&G Ventures, Inc. came in as major backers of the event.

For sure, futsal teams would not want to miss this opportunity. You better start calling Alex at (0942)7870199.
* * *
Nissan Davao and Barley Philippines with the support of the Davao City mayor’s and vice mayor’s Offices are throwing their behind Liga Dabaw’s Inter-School Invitational that starts on July 9 at the Davao City Recreation Center.

At the helm in running the developmental league is lawyer Marvin “Oying” Melodias who was recently appointed Davao City Commissioner of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP), the sole governing body of amateur basketball in the country.

Coach Oying, who we will now start calling Commissioner Oying, is the right man for the job. He is passionate about basketball (aside from other sports disciplines), starting as a varsity for the Holy Cross of Davao College Crusaders, then as a regular player in the Integrated Bar of the Philippines-Davao Tournament and in the City Hall Employees Sports Club (CHESC) inter-color tournaments.

Now, Liga Dabaw has appropriately set its focus on youth basketball as high school boys and girls teams and college girls squads square off every weekend.

After the opening games at the air-conditioned Center, Commissioner Oying will be taking the games to the schools’ own venues by way of bringing the tournament closer to the fans.

This is the best way to gather more spectators and supporters to the teams and for players to enjoy a homecourt advantage, too.

Aside from the Gaisano South Cup, young players can further hone their skills by playing in the Liga Dabaw, a league which I hope will last for the next 100 years.

Why 100 years? Well, I just hope that’s the long-term goal of the Liga Dabaw officials.

You watch Wimbledon, which is now 125 years old, or the U.S.Open, which just finished its 111th edition, on television and naturally, you would envy the work done by the people who kept these tournaments going.

In Davao, once there is a change of league chairmen, there’s a sudden decline of regular tournaments being organized. Or, once tournament officials start wasting the sports funds solicited from sponsors, the league dies a natural death. Or, once referees become too greedy by demanding higher officiating fees, the league starts bleeding and slowly is being sent to its inevitable death. Bottomline is once you think about “return of investment” in Davao leagues or create a faction within the organization, the league gets affected and eventually collapses.

Suggestions? If you truly care for basketball development, don’t earn from it, instead, think of volunteering by investing in the youth with your time, money and lots of love. For sure, Liga Dabaw or any other sports leagues for that matter, would last a century and the next generations will be forever grateful to your sons, daughters, grandchildren and great grandchildren.


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