Showtime’s revelation

New York-based lawyer Noreen Manatad-Dillen emailed me youtube’s URL  of a boxing clip produced by Showtime Boxing that showed how hurt Shane Mosley was and a scene where he told his corner that he wanted to quit fighting our Manny Pacquiao.
Lo and behold, I was really stunned!
If you are dining at Mang Gloria’s Bahay Kainan or at Tiana’s Resto and Bar in Koronadal City, or waiting for your turn at the Haven Body Works Spa, at Pizza Hut-KCCC Mall or at Max Value Travel & Tours in Gen. Santos City, or you happen to be at the Metro Card Club Davao, at Delongtes Seafoods Grill on Tulip Drive or at the D’Leonor Hotel in Davao City, you may take a short break and visit the site,, on your gadgets for you to watch the “explosive details”.
Had Mosley’s corner agreed to his desire to stop the fight, the stories written about the fight would be entirely different.
An aging fighter like Shane knows when’s the time to quit. But sadly, his corner would not allow it.
This reminds me of our many local professional boxers, including RP or PBF champions, who even at the appropriate time to hang up their gloves simply would not do it because, for one, their managers would tell them they could still fight and, second, they eventually agree because they have families to feed. No fights, no income.
Unfortunately, even up to this day, professional fighters do not earn well after a fight with the exception, of course, of superstars Pacquiao and a few others. The prize money is just not enough even if they fight abroad like in Thailand, South Korea or Japan.
A story by Mindanews said that South Cotabato Rep. Pedro Acharon Jr. has proposed in Congress a law that will grant retirement pension and benefits to world champion athletes.
The proposal is called “Professional Filipino Athletes Retirement, Health Care and Death Benefits Act of 2010”.
We sent an email to the office of the Hon. Acharon inquiring about the progress of his proposal, but sadly, we have not received any reply.
The proposal is very laudable but it looks like there is still more work to be done and the long wait will be longer.
* * *
My late barber, Freddie Vinarta, who gave up Tanduay rum drinking for marathon, would tell me stories of Davao’s famous ring champions like Nene Jun, Siony Carupo, Rolly Aldemir and that after their careers, they ended up not living comfortable lives.
I could not forget his stories how glorious they were as champions only to run out of needed resources once they hang up their gloves.
Frankly, it gets me down thinking about it, but just like he said, that’s a boxer’s life.
* * *
On the bright side of things, young Davao chess players are currently in Indonesia until the 21st of this month as participants in the 2011 ASEAN Age-Group Chess Championships.
James Infiesto, the region’s chess director, is coaching Irish and Lorraine Yngayo, Ella Grace Moulic, Mary Israel Palero, Austin Jacob Literatus and Rowelyn Joy Acedo.
Davao City Hall sports division officer-in-charge Cholo Elegino said that Mayor Inday Sara Duterte came in, too, as a big supporter of the players.
We wish them all the best in Indonesia.

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