Cholo’s pain

You can always feel the pain when financial constraints happen or when a review of the budget takes place and athletes bound for national tournaments are left wondering if they will get the help they need or not.
Davao City’s sports division officer-in-charge Cholo Elegino agonizes whenever this happens. Cholo, an Ateneo de Davao University basketball coach, former university sports coordinator and Top Sports Advantage Company executive, is used to doing things the private-sector way where there is less red tape.
Davao City, being a premier city, has been expected to send a delegation to every national championship, but this does not happen easily, especially when invitation letters come too close to playing dates or funds are just not enough.
Now that the Davao City Sports Council has a new president in Beethoven “Ben” Sur, I hope that this predicament can be resolved.
National championship organizers should plan ahead of time, a year ahead if possible, in order for local government unit heads to take action on their invitation letters. Appropriating funds takes time, especially among LGUs.
Ben Sur, who had bad experiences when funds do not come on time just like what happened to him in 1996 as a national bodybuilding championships organizer in Davao, knows this only too well and a simple coordination meeting can resolve a problem confronting sponsors like the city government of Davao and beneficiaries like our various sports associations.
* * *
It looks like a simple lack of coordination and communication led to the breaking up of a partnership between the Dabaw Tourism Operators Association and the Evangelista Aquatics and Sports Management Inc.
This, too, can be resolved if an open communication line is in placet. Looks like both parties were just waiting as to what will happen next after they forged an agreement last April. What happened next was a series of stories clarifying the issues through the media.
This reminds me of the need to push through with the proposed Davao City Sports Commission designed to coordinate all sports activities organized by the government and private organizations.
I hope the new City Council committee on youth and sports, chairperson Jashera L. Gonzales, will take a closeer look at this with the proponent City Hall sports consultant William “Butch” Ramirez.
* * *
Happy birthday to former Gaisano South basketball tournament coordinator Pastor Sam Pascual, ‘mare Edith T. Isidro of the Philippine Information Agency-11, long-time amigos Joey John E. Concepcion of ABS-CBN and Russel Balugo, the young Australia-based Dabawenyo artist whose drawings continue to amaze me.

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