How Pacquiao maintains his stamina

This corner is giving a space to an interesting article written by Manny Pacquiao’s trainer, Alex Ariza to let you know how our world boxing champion maintains his stamina.
Enjoy and learn.
* * *
Stamina has a lot to do with your heart rate- how relaxed are you, but more importantly, what happens to your breathing pattern once your heart rate elevates.
How you breathe will determine the amount of oxygen your body gets in- the longer you will last in a fight.
1st off there are different breathing techniques while running that can be employed for exercises.
I have even heard so much as, “breathe through you nose and your mouth at the same time”, which I believe to be impossible. I will discuss this in a video blog.
If you do your research you will read “Breathe through your nose and out through your mouth.” You will read this is the way to train, because it maximizes air to your lungs. When you get more air to your lungs you will be able to perform your cardio routine for a longer period or time.
In the corner I do have my fighters breathe through their nose and out through their mouth in order to relax, refuel, and get ready for the next round.
Breathing through your nose and out through your mouth is an excellent way to calm your body down and get the maximum amount of oxygen to your lungs, but it is not a realistic way to train when you are training for a fight, because it is not the way you will breathe during the fight itself.
I always train my fighters to breathe through their mouth and out their nose. This is realistic during the fight. I want my fighters to have a rhythm to their breathing, maximizing the realities they will feel when they get in a war during the fight.  If I was to train my fighters to breath through their nose and out their mouth then they would not be prepared for what was ahead.
Their reality is they will be in a fight that will raise their heart rate to a level causing them to breathe through their mouths in order to get the amount of air their body is demanding from them at that very moment. When this happens in a fight my fighters are mentally and physically ready for it.
This is why I like swimming so much. It teaches your to breathe through your mouth and slowly let the air our of your nose. Even when you are fatigued in the water and your heart rate is pounding your have to stay to that same rhythm; “In through your mouth and slowly let it trickle out your nose.”
In a fight and your body forces your to breathe through your mouth and when you train for this action to occur you are 100% comfortable and ready for it. If you weren’t then your heart rate would go even higher, causing you to become exhausted sooner. If you are not trained for this and your body goes against something it has been trained for it will go into a panic. Guess what happens when your body goes into a panic? It gets drained even faster, causing more fatigue to set in.
This is one of the main reason you see Pacquiao strong in the later rounds, it is because his breathing patterns are something he has come equipped to learning and mastering. I can not emphasize this aspect of training enough. If you are in a fight and start breathing in a way you have not trained your body to become accustomed to it will panic and you will exhaust yourself.
There, I have let out a secret and one of the reasons you see what you see in all of my fighters.
Sometimes it is hard for me to write these blogs, because I have to let out what my specialties are, but I feel I have the best boxers in the world and if some other boxer learns some of my techniques then so be it, we will still beat them!
Plus, I have more conditioning methods than just this. I am letting out the little things to let people know the truth. The truth is, their fighters, or they themselves, are not doing things the proper way. Most boxers are behind the times or they are not working with someone that knows what he or she is doing.
For me this is easy. I think about it in my sleep. I figure things out and I apply them to my fighters.
We all have our gifts in life.
Most of the gifts people have are not from something they read out of a text book; it is something that was written in a text book because of what they know.
Until Next Time Only on Alex Ariza

Chris Sports at Abreeza Mall

Naturally, at first look, you would think that Chris Sports inside the P5-billion Abreeza Mall is a local brand named after a businessman in Davao who decided to open a sports store and cater to a growing demand for sports equipment.
It turns out that Chris Sports has 16 stores in Metro Manila, two in Cebu, one each in in Baguio, Batangas, Angeles, Dasmarinas, Lucena, Bulacan, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Laguna, Tarlac and Boracay, with the newest one in Davao City.
Fortunately, I got in touch with Chris Sports marketing manager Arleen Lindo who was kind enough to let us know more about their store.
The opportunity finally came for them to bring Chris Sports closer to their customers in Davao who for years have been their loyal clients in Cebu and Metro Manila. “The clamor was huge,” she said, a statement with which I strongly agree.
Davao City, with more than one million population, has for years been a center for sports activities and development.
Universities and colleges, in fact, have maintained a strong sports program for their varsity teams and are one of the best customers you can find. I normally visit offices of sports directors like Joaquin “Boy” Sarabia of the University of Mindanao, Abraham “Abe” Verdeprado of Holy Cross of Davao College and William “Butch” Ramirez, then with Ateneo de Davao University and would normally see brochures mailed to them from Manila-based sports stores.
I even asked myself, how come I don’t see any marketing materials from Davao-based malls that have a sports department?
Anyway, Chris Sports, in the future, will expand to neighbouring cities like Gen.Santos and Tagum when the right time comes as these two cities, too, have a steady growth in sports activities and development.
The advantage of a branch in Davao is for customers to readily know if  the equipment they need is available or not.
Ms. Lindo said they were part of a big tennis tournament in Davao last year and are currently working on forging partnerships in running and other sports events by becoming registration partners. For a company that prides itself in providing better equipment for consumers to perform better in their games, that’s a big relief to customers who would definitely want the best gear for their athletic endeavors.
Davao sports organizers like the Vantage Sports Promotions, running clubs like the Sunday Runners Club, associations like the Triathlon Association of Davao or the Davao City Sports Council would love to see more stores opening in Davao where they can find the equipment they need and forge partnership for events.
“We want to help get people into active sports and fitness activities,” said Lindo who also bared that their company started as a tennis shop at the height of former world number 1 player Chris Evert’s popularity.  The American tennis star from tourism-conscious Florida won seven times in the French Open and six in the U.S. Open and that explains the company’s name “Chris Sports”.
Evert came back to our conscious mind when she married golfer Greg Norman of Australia three years ago (the marriage did not last long).
Welcome to Davao City, Chris Sports!
* * *
Happy birthday to dear Michelle Arcangel who is turning another leaf this week and to a long-time friend, ma’am Edel Cuevas Domingo.

Showtime’s revelation

New York-based lawyer Noreen Manatad-Dillen emailed me youtube’s URL  of a boxing clip produced by Showtime Boxing that showed how hurt Shane Mosley was and a scene where he told his corner that he wanted to quit fighting our Manny Pacquiao.
Lo and behold, I was really stunned!
If you are dining at Mang Gloria’s Bahay Kainan or at Tiana’s Resto and Bar in Koronadal City, or waiting for your turn at the Haven Body Works Spa, at Pizza Hut-KCCC Mall or at Max Value Travel & Tours in Gen. Santos City, or you happen to be at the Metro Card Club Davao, at Delongtes Seafoods Grill on Tulip Drive or at the D’Leonor Hotel in Davao City, you may take a short break and visit the site,, on your gadgets for you to watch the “explosive details”.
Had Mosley’s corner agreed to his desire to stop the fight, the stories written about the fight would be entirely different.
An aging fighter like Shane knows when’s the time to quit. But sadly, his corner would not allow it.
This reminds me of our many local professional boxers, including RP or PBF champions, who even at the appropriate time to hang up their gloves simply would not do it because, for one, their managers would tell them they could still fight and, second, they eventually agree because they have families to feed. No fights, no income.
Unfortunately, even up to this day, professional fighters do not earn well after a fight with the exception, of course, of superstars Pacquiao and a few others. The prize money is just not enough even if they fight abroad like in Thailand, South Korea or Japan.
A story by Mindanews said that South Cotabato Rep. Pedro Acharon Jr. has proposed in Congress a law that will grant retirement pension and benefits to world champion athletes.
The proposal is called “Professional Filipino Athletes Retirement, Health Care and Death Benefits Act of 2010”.
We sent an email to the office of the Hon. Acharon inquiring about the progress of his proposal, but sadly, we have not received any reply.
The proposal is very laudable but it looks like there is still more work to be done and the long wait will be longer.
* * *
My late barber, Freddie Vinarta, who gave up Tanduay rum drinking for marathon, would tell me stories of Davao’s famous ring champions like Nene Jun, Siony Carupo, Rolly Aldemir and that after their careers, they ended up not living comfortable lives.
I could not forget his stories how glorious they were as champions only to run out of needed resources once they hang up their gloves.
Frankly, it gets me down thinking about it, but just like he said, that’s a boxer’s life.
* * *
On the bright side of things, young Davao chess players are currently in Indonesia until the 21st of this month as participants in the 2011 ASEAN Age-Group Chess Championships.
James Infiesto, the region’s chess director, is coaching Irish and Lorraine Yngayo, Ella Grace Moulic, Mary Israel Palero, Austin Jacob Literatus and Rowelyn Joy Acedo.
Davao City Hall sports division officer-in-charge Cholo Elegino said that Mayor Inday Sara Duterte came in, too, as a big supporter of the players.
We wish them all the best in Indonesia.

Cholo’s pain

You can always feel the pain when financial constraints happen or when a review of the budget takes place and athletes bound for national tournaments are left wondering if they will get the help they need or not.
Davao City’s sports division officer-in-charge Cholo Elegino agonizes whenever this happens. Cholo, an Ateneo de Davao University basketball coach, former university sports coordinator and Top Sports Advantage Company executive, is used to doing things the private-sector way where there is less red tape.
Davao City, being a premier city, has been expected to send a delegation to every national championship, but this does not happen easily, especially when invitation letters come too close to playing dates or funds are just not enough.
Now that the Davao City Sports Council has a new president in Beethoven “Ben” Sur, I hope that this predicament can be resolved.
National championship organizers should plan ahead of time, a year ahead if possible, in order for local government unit heads to take action on their invitation letters. Appropriating funds takes time, especially among LGUs.
Ben Sur, who had bad experiences when funds do not come on time just like what happened to him in 1996 as a national bodybuilding championships organizer in Davao, knows this only too well and a simple coordination meeting can resolve a problem confronting sponsors like the city government of Davao and beneficiaries like our various sports associations.
* * *
It looks like a simple lack of coordination and communication led to the breaking up of a partnership between the Dabaw Tourism Operators Association and the Evangelista Aquatics and Sports Management Inc.
This, too, can be resolved if an open communication line is in placet. Looks like both parties were just waiting as to what will happen next after they forged an agreement last April. What happened next was a series of stories clarifying the issues through the media.
This reminds me of the need to push through with the proposed Davao City Sports Commission designed to coordinate all sports activities organized by the government and private organizations.
I hope the new City Council committee on youth and sports, chairperson Jashera L. Gonzales, will take a closeer look at this with the proponent City Hall sports consultant William “Butch” Ramirez.
* * *
Happy birthday to former Gaisano South basketball tournament coordinator Pastor Sam Pascual, ‘mare Edith T. Isidro of the Philippine Information Agency-11, long-time amigos Joey John E. Concepcion of ABS-CBN and Russel Balugo, the young Australia-based Dabawenyo artist whose drawings continue to amaze me.

Castilo-Magno bags twin PBaRS doubles plums

Gelita Castilo and Dia Nicole Magno kept their composure and outsteadied the fancied pair of Malvinne Alcala and Danica San Ignacio, 21-15, 17-21, 21-19, to keep the Open women’s doubles crown in the MVP Sports Foundation-Bingo Bonanza Philippine Badminton Ranking System (PBaRS) tournament at the Pohang Badminton Courts in Bacolod City last Sunday.

The Castilo-Magno tandem also dethroned Bianca Carlos and Patrisha Malibiran in the Under-19 girls doubles, pulling off a 21-19, 21-15 victory in the event put up by Vice President Jejomar Binay, Rep. Albee Benitez and businessman-sportsman Manny V. Pangilinan.

Those twin victories netted Castilo and Magno total earnings of P90,000, including P70,000 in the Open category of the weeklong tournament backed by official equipment sponsor Victor, exclusively distributed by PCOME Industrial Sales, Inc.

Castilo and Magno, which trounced the pair of Cheska Bermejo and Rosalee Soberano for the Open crown in the event’s inaugurals last March, bucked a second set meltdown with a tough stand in the decider to eke out the victory and foil Alcala’s bid for a third title in the second leg of the four-stage ranking circuit.

Alcala earlier crowned herself the Open singles champion with a come-from-behind 15-21, 21-19, 21-10 victory over Castilo then teamed up with Ronel Estanislao to beat Paul Vivas and Ana Patricia Barredo, 21-18, 21-12, for the mixed doubles plum in the Open division of the event supported by by PLDT-Smart Foundation, Gatorade and Powersmash with The Philippine STAR, TV5, Badminton Extreme Philippines Magazine, Jam 88.3, Wave 89.1, Magic 89.9, 99.5 RT and 103.5 WOW! as media partners.

Estanislao and Vivas took the Open men’s doubles crown with a 21-10, 24-22 win over Aries delos Santos and Gabriel Villanueva. Vincent Manuel and Alvin Morada also retained their crown in the Under-15 boys doubles, beating Paolo Barrios and Patrick Gecosala, 21-17, 21-19, while Allysa Leonardo and Amabel Sumabat took the girls’ doubles crown with a 21-19, 21-13 win over Amica Du-Ay and Pamela Tan.

Manuel and Sumabat then teamed up to dominate Wilfred Deato and Leonardo, 21-15, 21-15 for the mixed doubles diadem. JC Clarito and Flo Lamigo bagged the U-19 mixed doubles title with a tough 20-22, 21-9, 24-22 victory over Kevin Cudiamat and Janelle de Vera while Ivan Angsico and Jose Martinez copped the U-19 boys’ doubles diadem with a 21-10, 21-13 triumph over Carlos Cayanan and Theodore Co. PR