Businessman Pacquiao; fan reactions

I was particularly impressed by Manny Pacquiao as a promoter when he plugged his official website by telling fans in the interview to visit
Since I am one of his millions of fans, I immediately checked it out and was quite impressed by the creator of the site.
With the site, aside from the useful information it gives to readers, fans can now order online authentic autographed posters or autobiographs for $125, his only official autobiography for $18.99, authentic gloves in either black, red or pink at $250 and t-shirts at $33.99.
These products, for sure, will become collector’s items through the years. Various sites have been made for Pacquiao fans but to prevent others from “exploiting” the popularity of the world champion, the marketing arm of MP Promotions has decided to make an official website.
Pacquiao has not only made himself a fine fighter but an astute businessman as well.
* * *
If you happen to be in Gen. Santos City, the Pacquiao family is an active business clan. They have a Phoenix Petroleum station, a Blu Gre coffee shop, a commercial complex in Brgy. Lagao and a convenience store, among others.
Rumors circulating say that the family bought an old hotel in Davao City.
That makes Mrs. Jinkee Pacquiao very busy these days.
* * *
I am sure the referee made you momentarily unhappy when he made the mandatory count on Pacquiao for being “knocked down”. But to viewers like Brgy. Una Boxing Program executive diretor Gene Rose Tecson, it was not a knockdown. “Definitely not! It was a push.”
Philippine Airlines vice-president for Mindanao, lawyer Domingo Duerme, agreed, saying “it was obvious. Tinulak lang siya ni Mosley.”
National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC) executive labor arbiter Atty. Elbert Restauro called it “erroneous call by the referee!”.
Had Shane Mosley fought toe-to-toe with Pacquiao, the outcome of the fight would have been different.
But again, when you get hit by Pacman’s power punch–whose pain Shane felt in the third round–the best option is to survive by back-pedalling or dancing away from trouble.
If you noticed, Mosley was booed by frustrated fans in the later rounds.
Fortunately for Mr. Shame Mosley, Pacquiao’s leg cramps prevented him from finishing off the aging fighter.
* * *
Reports say that Macman’s next opponent will be Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.
In 2004 they fought to a draw. Four years later, Manny won via a split-decision. A third fight set for November 12 sounds exciting to me.
Another estimated P1-billion income for Pacman coming up. After all he eats Mexicans for breakfast, hehehe. Sounds irresistible. Specially to Jinkee.
Davao City sports coordinator Cholo Elegino would love to see the Pacquiao-Marquez III. And to silence all the blah-blah-blah, Cholo hopes that Floyd Mayweather Jr. shapes up to fight our world champion. Period.

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