Planet Infinity

I find it alarming to know that Filipinos are now afflicted with Lifestyle Diseases.
According to a data released by Planet Infinity Davao, 1 out of 4 of our population suffers from high blood pressure.
One in every 10 has high cholesterol levels, 21 out of 100 have borderline high cholesterol levels, 5 out of 100 have high fasting blood sugar, an indicator of diabetes mellitus and 27 out of 100 are obese. Come to think of it, this is serious and scary.
I cannot blame those who work very hard because of the demands of the job or simply because they are just too ambitious. But, sadly, I can hear them complain that they are gaining weight and they don’t feel good these days.
Aside from eating unhealthy food, the absence or lack of exercise simply can cause diseases.
Come to think of it, 30 minutes or even an hour of your time at the gym under the guidance, of course, of the experts like those from Planet Infinity in Lanang, would make a big difference for you this summer.
Some top business executives these days have made it a point to go to the facilities and sweat out because they realize that a good exercise is good remedy for stress.
Reporting to a fitness facility may seem expensive to you, but computing it overall, it’s actually just a small expense.
Calling (082)2330770 and getting in touch with a fitness expert will do you good this summer.
You won’t regret it.

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