Chance for Davao landlords to help

Liga Dabaw chairman Guillermo P. Torres Jr. is among the six distinguished Dabawenyos named Datu Bago awardees this year.

Also an awardee is Archbishop of Davao Fernando Capalla, a supporter of the Sports for Peace  Mindanao Foundation.

Congratulations to our sports supporters!

* * *

The month of  March always has a busy sports schedule, thanks to a very active sports community.

RunClub Davao, aside from parading the latest running equipment at its Bo. Obrero store, has been busy these days because of inquiries and registration of runners.

Come  March 27, Safeguard and P&G in partnership with NCCC Cares and Holiday Gym and Spa will hold a race that benefits the community development projects of NCCC Supermarket and NCCC Malls.

But before that, there is a Dark Knight Enervon Run on march 19, 10 p.m., starting at Roxas Avenue.Every weekend, there is a Shakey’s Girls Volleyball League Mindanao eliminations at the Davao City National High School gym.

If you don’t want volleyball on a weekend, then go to the Tionko field at Agro where football tournaments are also being played.

Or book a short trip to Bluejaz Beach Resort and Water Park on March 12 to witness a five-round chess tournament and later on enjoy the beach and food.

If you are basketball crazy, the Liga Dabaw is still going on at the Davao City Recreation Center.Or mark your calendar on March 12 to 20 for the mayor Inday Sara Cup National men’s Tennis Championship at the Eco-4 Tennis Club located near the Indonesian Consulate.

It’s a busy month for sports indeed, and if you don’t have the time, bring your children and let them watch the games.


* * *

Now, this piece of information is addressed to all Davao landlords.Davao City is competing with Bukidnon as possible beneficiary of the Mindanao Project for Peace and Hope, a FIFA Goal Project IV.

Just recently, the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) Board of Governors opened the project to football associations in mindanao and Davao Football Association has made an aggressive move to comply with the requirements and hopefully bring the project to Davao.

FIFA, the international football federation, will donate P21.7 million for the construction of a world-class football facility.

Now, if you happen to be a sports loving Dabawenyo and you have vast tracts of land that you can’t bring to heaven, you might be interested to spare a little piece of your property for football development and earn an honored mark in Davao sports history.

DFA general secretary and UP Mindanao professor Erwin E. Protacio can be reached through 2930863, local 215, and 09174345114.

This is your chance to help and if you don’t, the project will sure go to Bukidnon. So, please help for the sake of Davao City sports development.



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