6th DCBC, Prisaa in Zambo

THE 6th Davao City Baseball Cup (DCBC) gets going on February 11-12 at the University of Mindanao Matina campus.
This is another exciting twoday event for the elementary and high school teams, thanks to the efforts of the Datu Uchida Development Foundation, Tokyo Kichijoji Lions Club and the Davao City Baseball Association officials.
Tatsuo “Otosan” Uchida, through his grandson Yusuke and the foundation’s executive director Ines P. Mallari, has continued this effort to keep youth baseball going in the city with the help of his friends from the Lions Club.
Uchida, a Datu Bago awardee, for a very wonderful reason has thought of creating a beautiful community of young and vibrant Dabawenyos who share the same passion for baseball.
Good thing also that they found Joaquin “Boy” Sarabia, whose family name is synonymous to the sport thanks to his late father, Judge Edipolo V. Sarabia Sr. who taught them to play and love baseball.
Twenty teams are seeing action this year and the Lt. Villafuerte High School and  Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai School are again the teams to watch because they have prepared well for the tournament by following a schedule of training last year.
And now, the moment they have been waiting for is about to come.
To Otosan and the rest of the hard-working members of the organizing committee, domo arigato gozaimasu (thank you very much).* * *Zamboanga City mayor Celso Lobregat came to the rescue of the Private Schools Athletic Association (Prisaa) National Championships by offering his city as host on April 10 to 16.
Prisaa officials, to their dismay, were allegedly charged a million pesos as rental fee for the use of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, the original venue of the championships scheduled February 20 to 26.
If I were the management of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex, I would give the venue for free because the participants are students and the national tournament is another opportunity for national team scouts to recruit new players.
The absence of the Philippine National Games,  has made the Prisaa National Championships a very rich source to look for new members of the national pool. Remember Lydia de Vega and Elma Muros? They were products of the Prisaa.
What about Davao’s Elmer Batuto and Edmer del Socorro?
They played in the Prisaa National Championships and received an offer to play for our national baseball team. What about athletics stars Nixon Mas and Percela Molina? They were recruited, too, from Davao.
On a positive note, hosting the games in “Zamboanga Hermosa” would give athletes from all over the country the chance to re-discover the beauty of the city and its people.
Muchos gracias, Mayor Lobregat.* * *AIESEC Ateneo de Davao is organizing the Raising Awareness for Individuals with Needs Run on February 13 at Victoria Plaza.
The race will benefit the Rainbow Intervention Center for Autism Foundation and organizers led by Angelie Cristine Lungtad are calling all running buffs to support the worthy cause.
You can call or text Ms.Lungtad at 09324114416 or RunClub Davao, Metro Lifestyle or Holiday Gym and Spa to register.* * *Happy birthday to the pride and joy of kuya Mike and ate Nellen, my buutan and gwapa na pamangkin Nekki Forbes, ma’am Tina Junsay-Spicer and Ezer Maninang, husband of dear friend Marianne Hipe.


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