Guam golfers, Boy’s crazy love

It’s so nice to know that golfers from Guam came to Davao City last week to enjoy our challenging golf courses, visited several tourist spots and with much gusto, ended up very satisfied with our food at different restaurants.

They especially like our fruits.Guam, just like the Philippines, was under Spain for more than 300 hundred years and surrendered to the U.S. after Spain lost to the U.S. in the Spanish-American war of 1898.

Davao lawyer and fine golfer Larry Pasquil had the pleasure of introducing them to our golf courses which have been tournament venues of big-time competitions like the RP Open (Apo Golf and Country Club), PAL Interclub (Apo and Rancho Palos Golf and Country Club) and good thing, they were in tip top shape for the visitors to enjoy.

Pasquil and his POGI Boys buddies have been promoting the Mindanao Chairman’s Cup in Davao City for the purpose of making the city an exciting golfing destination.

It looks like the upcoming 4th Mindanao Chairman’s Cup will attract more visiting golfers. This time, from Guam.

* * *

The Philippine Football Federation will receive more than P4 million a year for the next five years, thanks to the Kuwait, Bahrain and Jordan football federation presidents who saw the need to help their Asian football family member.

The show of support by the football presidents to the new PFF head Nonong Araneta of Iloilo is a breath of fresh air and we are confident that the new leaders will be honest in the disbursement of funds, otherwise the donors will witdraw their support for Philippine football development.

With fresh funds coming in I hope, too, that the PFF board will use its other funds, especially from football’s governing body, FIFA, to help the provincial associations like the Davao Football Association which has been deprived of financial help from the federation.

* * *

Talking about support, I was again smiling and shaking my head after learning that Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas regional director Regino “Boy” Cua donated P50,000 to the Liga Dabaw board of trustees.

Of course, you cannot question Mr. Cua’s love for basketball and he works very hard to earn his money in order for him to get the chance to be of help to the sport which he loves so much. Crazy love, Boy?

Boy Cua has always believed that when you give more, the more you will receive blessings from above.

I wonder if other basketball stakeholders have made their donations to Liga Dabaw, too.

* * *

Happy birthday to mi esposa, Marjorie Dulalas Igpit and her younger brother, Madison, who were born on the same dates but in separate years, Meryl Lynn Macaraeg, Jiboy I. Antonio, Helen Catchillar may you have another enjoyable year.


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