More fights for Pacquiao; no more for Margarito

Manny Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach, in a report, thinks that Antonio Margarito, who received a heavy beating from our national boxing hero last November 14, may no longer fight.
Roach said that if he was in Margarito’s camp, he would have stopped the fight earlier rather than let his boxer suffer more.
Margarito should be thankful that Pacquiao slowed down in the last two rounds because, if not, he would receive more damage on his right eye.
Pride was the culprit. Margarito could have told the referee, “No mas”.
Panama’s Roberto Duran, one of the greatest boxers in recent memory, did that when he fought American Sugar Ray Leonard in 1980 when he turned his back and told the referee “No mas”. But three years later, the pride of Panama won the WBA jr.middleweight title by knocking down Davey Moore.
* * *
It looks like that Sarangani congressman Pacquiao will not be retiring after all, foregoing his mother’s wish that he hang up his gloves.
Shane Mosley is reportedly interested to square off with him and there’s this loud talk about Juan Manuel Marquez and WBC light welterweight champion Devon Alexander wanting the chance to fight the newly-crowned champion.
* * *
Pacquiao’s adviser Mike Koncz said in a report that they will no longer be showing interest to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Negotiations have bogged down twice prior to the Pacquiao-Margarito fight and Pacquiao himself has said that he does not need Mayweather Jr. for his next fight that will be scheduled by his promoters.
Pacquiao, who just earned his eighth division title via a unanimous victory against  Margarito last November 14, said he is just a fighter and ready to take on anybody because that is his job.
For sure, Manny knows where he should belong.
Just take orders from the promoters, go back to training and fight.
If Pacman keeps on winning, he will make all of his fans, sponsors like Nike, promoters like Bob Arum very happy.
* * *
Happy birthday to long-time friends Mic-mic Villaflor, Dana Abrau, Ben Manalo and Dondon Elman Concepcion.

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