Rey Saludar, the pride of Brgy.Una Davao Norte boxing team



7 years ago, then Congressman, TonyBoy Floirendo organized the Barangay
UNA Davao del Norte Boxing Team, an amateur boxing club whose members
became boxing scholars. The aim was to encourage talented boxers to use
their talents to get them through school and also to produce the country’s
first Olympic gold.
3 of the 6 amateur boxers sent to Guangzhou, China to participate in the
16th Asian Games were Barangay UNA Boxing Team  mainstays – Charly Suarez
and the Saludar brothers Rey & Victorio. Happily Rey won the gold medal in
the flyweight division while Victorio earned the bronze. With this, we are
well on our way to achieving our goal of garnering an Olympic gold, thanks
to TonyBoy Floirendo’s foresight.
Mindanao boxing…the country’s hope for an Olympic gold!(pr)




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