Pacman dominates, wins 8th division title!

Pacman dominates 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounds.

Margarito’s right eye swelling at end of 4th round.

Pacman allows Margarito to hit him in 5th round.

Manny in trouble in 6th round but recovers before ring of the bell.

In 7th round, corner man Buboy Fernandez advises Manny to dictate the fight and avoid going toe to toe.

Margarito aggressive.

In 8th round, Margarito’s left eye begins to swell.

In 9th round, Pacman starts to move away and leaves punches.

In 10th round, Pacman peppers foe with shots on the head. Looks like Margarito’s eight eye almost closed.

In 11th round, Pacman looks at the referee, sending a sign for him to stop the fight.

Margarito’s camp not quitting.

In 12th round, Pacman slows down on his punches.

This is a show of Pacman’s “mercy” on Margarito!


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