13 under girls football league oct.9 results, oct.16 sked

Info from Davao Football Association general secretary Erwin Protacio:

Result match day 3 – 9Oct10 [Saturday], Tionko field, Davao City


After match day3: 9Oct10

“training to compete… competing to be trained”
lady sakyans utd fc 5 I IV 3 11 -8 1
catalunan grande 4 IV 13 2 11 12
joint forces united 5 III I I 9 6 3 10
holy child 4 I III 3 16 -13 1
ateneo 6 III I II 11 4 7 10

FACTS: Results & Scorers

It was a day of hat – tricks for MATCH DAY 3

9 9-Oct-10 8:00am catalunan grande 5 1 holy child
10 9-Oct-10 8:00am joint forces utd 2 1 ateneo
11 9-Oct-10 9:15am holy child 0 4 joint forces utd
12 9-Oct-10 9:15am ateneo 4 0 lady sakyans utd fc

M#9: CATALUNAN GRANDE [5] v [1] HOLY CHILD (8:00am)

5th / 28th & 38th min – Rheza Caminade (hat-trick)

18th & 33rd min – Nina Ricci Yanto (1 of the 3 players from Davao FA selected in last summer’s RP Youth Girls 13under Team in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam last June 2010 in the AFC 13 under Girls Football Festival)

25th min – Camille Aringo (Holy Child)


18th min – Patricia Francisco (Ateneo GS)

36th min – Eyo Ferry (JFU – of Tambayan Girls)

38th min – Annika Ong (JFU – of St. Paul School of Davao)

It was a nip & tuck battle for these 2 teams as the 1st round encounter ended with a 1 – all score line.

On this 2nd meeting Ateneo GS took the lead before the end of the 1st half when Patricia Francisco’s powerful kick stunned the usually calm & composed goalkeeper of JFU – Joy Roses Chavez of SOS Children’s Village.

However, after halftime break, JFU employed some changes and were more cohesive that in the 36th min Eyo Ferry pounced on a miscommunication error between the Ateneo GS goalkeeper – Sanaa Jikiri with her defenders to tap in and leveled the score.

With this, Ateneo GS confident that they can still score & go for a win, went for a sustained attack… led by BamBam Adao.

On the contrary, a rare counter – attack by JFU, that Michelle Danton (SOS Children’s Village) who was left momentarily unmarked in the midfield area, made a clever through – pass that caught the tough defensive duo of Ateneo GS – Mica Corrales & Bea Dongon flat – footed, paving the way for the streaking Annika Ong of JFU (St. Paul School of Davao) to score the winning goal in the 38th min.

M#11: HOLY CHILD [0] v [4] JOINT FORCES UNITED (9:15am)

8th / 9th & 27th min – Annika Ong (JFU – St. Paul School of Davao) hat-trick

24th min – Mylene Albarracin


1st / 9th & 22nd min – Bambam Adao (hat-trick)

39th min – Sanaa Jikiri


Davao FA wishes to extend its appreciation to the sponsors – BOYSEN PAINTS, BROSCO CONSTRUCTION, BIGRIG MOVERS and MR. MICHAEL CO.


13 16-Oct-10 8:00am lady sakyans utd fc holy child
14 16-Oct-10 8:00am catalunan grande joint forces utd
15 16-Oct-10 9:15am holy child catalunan grande
16 16-Oct-10 9:15am lady sakyans utd fc joint forces utd

RP boxing team meets Pacman before leaving for Tammer Cup


“]BOXING icon Manny Pacquiao, center, accepts a souvenir national team shirt from the PLDT-ABAP boxers bound for the Tammer Cup in Finland and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. Standing from left are: Delfin Boholst, Coach Roel Velasco, Charly Suarez, Victorio Saludar, Coach Ronald Chavez, Rey Saludar, RP women’s team manager Karina Picson, Head Coach Pat Gaspi, and ABAP executive director Ed Picson. Seated in front are Coach Nolito Velasco and Annie Albania.[ABAP]



The Philippine National Boxing Team was among the handful of people allowed entry into the closed-door training session of world Pound-for-Pound King Manny Pacquiao in Baguio City Saturday.

Famed trainer Freddie Roach acceded to the request of ABAP officials Patrick Gregorio and Ed Picson who motored to Baguio City to oversee the final preparations of the boxers leaving for the prestigious Tammer Cup in Tampere, Finalnd this Tuesday.

Pacquiao had earlier assured ABAP officials that he would help in the training of our national boxers.

“Having our boxers observe firsthand the work ethic and intensity Pacquiao brings to his training sessions is more than enough to inspire our boxers and give them an idea of what the keys to success are. I just hope these sunk in”, commented Picson after Pacquiao’s grueling 2 1/2-hour session at the Shape-Up Gym .

Roach and conditioning expert  Alex Ariza have also pledged to visit the ABAP training camp in Baguio City to share their training and conditioning drills and techniques with the nationals.

“This can only redound to the benefit of our boxers. We thank Manny and his coaches for their enthusiasm in lending a hand to the team”, said Gregorio.

Boxers Victorio and Rey Saludar, Charly Suarez, products of the Brgy.Una Boxing Program founded by former Davao del Norte congressman Tony Boy Floirendo Jr. in Panabo City (Davao del Norte) before joining the national team, and Delfin Boholst leave on Tuesday for Finland for the prestigious Tammer Cup which has lured 23 participating countries, mostly European.

“We want to be exposed to the European style because some of our opponents in the Asian Games like the Kazakhs and the Uzbeks have similar styles”, according to Picson.

Annie Albania and Wilfredo Lopez will join them in November for the Asian Games to be held in Guangzhou, China.[pr]

6th Holcim Cement-Inter High School Football League: Mayor Inday Sara & VM Rody Duterte Cup Oct. 9 results, Oct.16 sked

6th HOLCIM – Inter High School Football League: Mayor Inday Sara & VM Rody Duterte Cup

Tionko Football Field, Davao City

RESULTS: 9 October 2010

Division A

Date Time Match # SCORE
2 Oct 3:00 PM 1 EMAR v DCNHS 4 – 0
9 Oct 1:45 PM 2 Ateneo v Holy Child 14 – 0
9 Oct 3:45 PM 3 Navarro v EMAR 0 – 10

Ateneo vs Holy Child (14 – 0). Goal scorers are Francis Patrick Lim (3’ & 9’); Norwyn Roi Ortanez, (30’); Dong Woo Choi (31’ & 51’); Gean Shin (37’ & 47’); Charleston  Franklin Uy (43’, 45’ & 73’); Joshua Seth Jabili (56’); Yashihoso Kaizumi (75’ & 80’); Miguel Lorenzo Avancena (78’).


Charleston Franklin Uy made a hat trick for Ateneo in the 43rd, 45th and 73rd, while Francis Patrick Lim (3’ and 9’), Don Woo Choi (31’ and 51’) – [SHOULD BE—CHOI DONG WOO], Yashihoso Kaizumi (75’ and 80’) – [SHOULD BE—GELO DIAMANTE] and Gean Shin (37’ and 47’) – [SHOULD BE—GEON SHIN] each scored two goals apiece.
Norwyn Roi Ortanez (30’) + JOSHUA SETH JABILE (56’) and Miguel Lorenzo Avancena (78’) each had one conversion.



EMAR vs Navarro HS (10 – 0). Goal scorers are Jenerick Awing (5’); John Edmar Parfinan (11’); Jomar Acedo (16’ & 55’); Kyle Adrian Luna (37’); Francis Jay Abrasaldo (58’); Dato Yan Ysmael Azzahir Biruar (64’, 67’, 77’); and Lyndon Rey Cameletos (71’).

EMAR 2 2 0 0 14 0 +14 6
Ateneo 1 1 0 0 14 0 +14 3
DCNHS 1 0 0 1 0 4 (4) 0
Navarro 1 0 0 1 0 10 (10) 0
Holy Child 1 0 0 1 0 14 (14) 0

Games on 16 Oct 2010

16 Oct 1:45 PM DCNHS v Ateneo
16 Oct 3:45 PM Navarro v Holy Child

Division B 1

Date Time Field Match # SCORE
2 Oct 5:00 PM 1 1 Catalunan Grande v Bgy 22 – C 4 – 0
9 Oct 2:00 PM 1 2 Montserrat v Ateneo White 0 – 3
9 Oct 3:00 PM 1 5 DCNHS v Catalunan Grande 0 – 6
Catalunan Grande 2 2 0 0 10 0 +10 6
Ateneo White 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
Montserrat 1 0 0 1 0 3 (3) 0
Bgy 22 – C 1 0 0 1 0 4 (4) 0
DCNHS 1 0 0 1 0 6 (6) 0

Games on 16 October 2010

16 Oct 2:00 PM Bgy 22 – C v Montserrat
16 Oct 3:00 PM DCNHS vs Ateneo White

Division B 2

Date Time Field Match # SCORE
9 Oct 2:00 PM 2 3 UM v SOS 0 – 4
9 Oct 3:00 PM 2 4 Ateneo Blue v Mintal 3 – 0
SOS 1 1 0 0 4 0 +4 3
Ateneo Blue 1 1 0 0 3 0 +3 3
Mintal 1 0 0 1 0 3 (3) 0
UM 1 0 0 1 0 4 (4) 0
South Point School 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Games on 16 October 2010

16 Oct 2:00 PM South Point v UM
16 Oct 3:00 PM SOS v Ateneo Blue

Why 2 tennis heads in Region 11?

Clean Slate – Why 2 tennis heads in Region 11?
Monday, 04 October 2010 00:00
by Moses Billacura
Edge Davao-The Business Paper

The Davao Sunday Runners Club will have two big running events to organize, starting off with the Merco Run on October 24 and the annual Finisher’s Marathon on December 5.
The Merco Run will feature a 2-K, 5-K, 10-K and run in your pet categories while the Finisher’s Marathon, aside from the regular race categories, will feature the demanding 42.195-kilometer event.
Most of our runners compete in 10-K and 21-K runs, but on December 5 is the ultimate race for any top class runner.
We would like to congratulate the Ferrazzini family for organizing the successful 9th Anselmo Ferrazzini Memorial Golf Tournament that benefitted the Maharlika Charity Foundation.
To Sirs Johnny and Anton, we doff our hats to you, guys!
* * *
For the 6th straight year, Holcim Philippines, makers of top quality cement, is bankrolling an inter-high school football tournament.
The Davao Football Association is such a lucky sports group because a big international corporation has given its backing to a noble program that needs to be sustained.
We need to continue our local leagues because this is the only way to keep our young kids in sports.
* * *
Our friend, young businessman Jasper Huang, has sounded off that Detailworx 101 is ready to serve automobile lovers.
If you want your car to look good, better or even the best, go to Shanghai Restaurant and proceed to the back where you can find Jasper.
* * *
Surprisingly, the Philippine Tennis Association in Region 11 has two regional heads.
Region 11A has Juanito Cansino Jr. and Region 11B belongs to National Housing Authority manager Engr. Carol Angel.
Other National Sports Associations in Davao have only one regional head each.
I cannot fully understand why there is a need to split the leadership in Southern Mindanao when you actually only need one regional chief to run the tennis program.
It’s kind of weird, don’t you think Mr. Cansino and Engr. Angel?
* * *
Happy birthday to Shawn Balugo, Marianne Hipe-Maninang, Times editor Amy Bandiola-Cabusao and basketball teacher Pastor Jim Leffew.

6th Holcim-Mayor Inday Sara-VM Rody HS Football League

Info from Davao FA general secretary Erwin Protacio:

6th HOLCIM – Mayor Inday Sara Duterte / VM Rody Duterte Inter High School Football League Opening

The 6th HOLCIM – Mayor Inday Sara Duterte / VM Rody Duterte Inter High School Football League started last Saturday (2 October 2010) at the Tionko Football Grounds. Present during the opening ceremony are Councilors Emmanuel Galicia and Edgar Ibuyan (representing Mayor Duterte), Engr. Cilor Guevarra of HOLCIM, Bgy 22 – C Kagawad Victoria Luceño, and Davao FA general secretary Erwin Protacio.

Engr. Guevarra noticed that there are more teams now than last year which shows that the sport is gaining popularity in the City. He also commended the presence of Bgy 22 – C in effectively pursuing a diversion program to help kids stay away from vices and illegal activities.

Message from Mayor Sara Duterte as read by Councilor Edgar Ibuyan, “ I am happy to see that there are now more schools and more teams participating in the league. On behalf of the City Government, thank you to the Davao FA for your tireless promotion of the sport not only among the city’s youth, but among adults and professionals as well. Thank you also, to HOLCIM and the participating schools for giving our children the opportunity to learn football and develop their talent in the sport.”

This year, the competition is divided into two (2) divisions. Divsision A is composed of Ateneo, EMAR, Holy Child, Davao City National High School, and Lasang. This is an 11 a-side single round robin elimination, with the top 2 teams in the eliminations vying for the championship.

Division B will be played 9 a-side and is composed of the following: Group 1: Catalunan Grande, Bgy 22 – C, Ateneo White, Montserrat Camp School de Davao, and, Davao City National High School. Group 2: Ateneo Blue, University of Mindanao, Mintal, South Point School, SOS Children’s Village. The top two teams in the groups will qualify for the cross over semi-finals.

In the opening game EMAR defeated DCNHS, 4 – 0. The goal scorers are Jomar Acedo (40 +1’, 61’, & 65’) and Gregorio Zamora Jr (78’).  In Division B, Catalunan Grande defeated Bgy 22 – C, 4 – 0. The goal scorers are Jun Carlo Gonzaga (8’), Bernard Tampon (10’), Jade Mauricio (34’), and Romeo Poblacion (42’).

Davao City’s Steve Sur Grandeza, the first Filipino World Kickboxing Federation K1 super welterweight champion

The Red Knight unleashes a left kick to Al Haddad “Van Damme” Okine of Ghana, Oct.1 .
Team Pilipinas Phoenix Moo Duk Kwan members wait to climb to the ring at the Chi The Lodge Dubai, UAE.
The Red Knight's brother, Bryan, assists him at the corner.
The big hug after the big win!

The champion's belt will be presented to Phoenix Petroleum Phils., Pagcor, NIS Motors Corp., Rockspec Gears, Davao Bayan Construction and Hardware Supply Inc. executives and to Davao City mayor Sara and vice mayor Rodrigo Duterte, all major supporters of the Red Knight.

The world champion wishes to thank his coaches Bryan Grandeza and Edgar Alan Paulino, father and mentor Master Edgardo J. Grandeza, mommy Cynthia, sister Angela, son Ice,  PR Manager Myla Belle Barandog, and consultant
Ben Sur.