Sunstar Davao Editorial: Crabs in our midst

Sunstar Davao Editorial: Crabs in our midst

POOR Steve Grandeza. After bringing honor not only to Davao City but the entire country as well by winning the World Kickboxing Federation International or WKBF world super welterweight crown, somebody comes out questioning the legitimacy of his hard-earned triumph. Just as the fighter and his supporters were busy celebrating his latest ring conquest in Dubai, a cynic suddenly appeared from out of nowhere and spoiled the fun by accusing Grandeza of being a fake world champ.

Of course, Grandeza just laughed off the allegations, which supposedly came from a certain Phil Malaya, who deluged the email addresses of the local media with an open letter whose contents are full of malicious accusations against the new world champ. The letter-sender do not even seemed to exist and was just using a pseudo name to fire away his or her grumbles.

Whoever is this letter-sender, he or she must come out into the open and lodge a formal complaint, or write the WKBF a formal letter to question the validity of Grandeza’s world-title conquest. Sending open letters while hiding behind the cloak of anonymity is cowardice.

Until now, the WKBF nor the camp of Al Hassan Okine, the competitor from Ghana whom Grandeza defeated to win the world crown, have not come forward to challenge the legitimacy of the Davao City fighter’s title-clinching victory.

The Grandezas are educated citizens of Davao–starting from the father Edgardo “Bing” Grandeza to sons Steve and Bryan– and they won’t do such act like fabricating stories and fooling the people just to earn honor. The worst thing that could happen to Steve Grandeza and his team was being duped by the promoter into thinking that the fight was a championship one. But then again, they are not that fool not to know this and, since the WKBF sanctioned the match, Grandeza is now a world champion after winning the bout fair and square.

With that, Grandeza earned the admirations of the people of Davao and rightly deserved commendations rather than condemnations. He fought for flag and country and must therefore be honored for what he did.

Reading again the open letter, it appears that the writer is envious of what Steve Grandeza has achieved. This is one thing bad about Filipinos, we try to pull down somebody who is already up there, someone who has attained something in life. We still have crabs in our midst.

Published in the Sun.Star Davao newspaper on October 15, 2010.


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