Thanks, Steve!

Clean Slate – Thanks, Steve!
Monday, 11 October 2010 13:03
by Moses Billacura
Edge Davao-The Business Paper

Team Pilipinas Phoenix Moo Duk Kwan shared some exciting info about  Steve “Red Knight” Grandeza’s historic victory last October 1 in Dubai where he captured the World Kickboxing Federation K1 super welterweight crown with a unanimous win over Al Hassan “Ghana Van Damme” Okine.
Steve used different combinations of kicking and punching styles ranging from turning back kick, jumping side kick, axe, round house, upper cut, jab reverse, solid blow combination, fakes, foot work and using the ring corners well that wowed the crowd, including many Pinoy OFWs.
Yes, Manny Pacquiao does not only have the finest and deadliest moves, but our very own Red Knight possesses them, too, after three decades in the practice of martial arts.
If Pacman has Freddie Roach, in the corner for Steve was his brother Bryan, a fine fighter himself, who helped navigate the needed moves that knocked down Okine in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.
Steve landed a left roundhouse kick to the face of his foe in the first round to follow up a beautiful jumping side kick to the body and in the succeeding rounds, Steve effectively used axe kicks and punching combinations that included a right hook that sent Okine down again.
A world title victory could never be reached without the help of coaches Bryan and best friend Edgar Allan Paulino, father and master Bing, “stage” mother Cynthia, sister Angela, son Ice and Myla Belle, the lady who is more than a reason for him to go on living.
Steve has to endure tedious training coupled with sound mental preparation under the guidance of consultant Ben Sur. After tasting sweet victory, he could not help but cry when the national anthem was played during the awarding ceremony.
The team’s trip would not have been possible without the support of Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Pagcor, NIS Motors Corporation, Davao Bayan Construction and Hardware Supply Inc., Rockspec Gears, Davao City mayor Sara Zimmerman Duterte and vice mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and Steve says big thanks to all.
There is actually no need for you, Steve, to thank the Davao Sportswriters Association members. But it us who should be thankful to you for becoming a role model to other athletes and for inspiring us to write stories and become better sportswriters and members of Davao’s growing sports community
To world champion Steve Sur Grandeza, a man of humility, credibility and strong in character, thank you.


One thought on “Thanks, Steve!”

  1. I really like his style since I was his exchange student from Red Panter and transferring to Red Knights… No doubt that he could win the fight,I know how he is fast and strong because I also experience that speed when he is teaching me some techniques. and I know Master Steve will have more victories to come and hopefully we will meet again… di ko kakalimutan ang mga tinuro mo sa akin minsan Master Steve….. the only reigning Red Knight of Moo Duk Kwan!!

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