Why 2 tennis heads in Region 11?

Clean Slate – Why 2 tennis heads in Region 11?
Monday, 04 October 2010 00:00
by Moses Billacura
Edge Davao-The Business Paper

The Davao Sunday Runners Club will have two big running events to organize, starting off with the Merco Run on October 24 and the annual Finisher’s Marathon on December 5.
The Merco Run will feature a 2-K, 5-K, 10-K and run in your pet categories while the Finisher’s Marathon, aside from the regular race categories, will feature the demanding 42.195-kilometer event.
Most of our runners compete in 10-K and 21-K runs, but on December 5 is the ultimate race for any top class runner.
We would like to congratulate the Ferrazzini family for organizing the successful 9th Anselmo Ferrazzini Memorial Golf Tournament that benefitted the Maharlika Charity Foundation.
To Sirs Johnny and Anton, we doff our hats to you, guys!
* * *
For the 6th straight year, Holcim Philippines, makers of top quality cement, is bankrolling an inter-high school football tournament.
The Davao Football Association is such a lucky sports group because a big international corporation has given its backing to a noble program that needs to be sustained.
We need to continue our local leagues because this is the only way to keep our young kids in sports.
* * *
Our friend, young businessman Jasper Huang, has sounded off that Detailworx 101 is ready to serve automobile lovers.
If you want your car to look good, better or even the best, go to Shanghai Restaurant and proceed to the back where you can find Jasper.
* * *
Surprisingly, the Philippine Tennis Association in Region 11 has two regional heads.
Region 11A has Juanito Cansino Jr. and Region 11B belongs to National Housing Authority manager Engr. Carol Angel.
Other National Sports Associations in Davao have only one regional head each.
I cannot fully understand why there is a need to split the leadership in Southern Mindanao when you actually only need one regional chief to run the tennis program.
It’s kind of weird, don’t you think Mr. Cansino and Engr. Angel?
* * *
Happy birthday to Shawn Balugo, Marianne Hipe-Maninang, Times editor Amy Bandiola-Cabusao and basketball teacher Pastor Jim Leffew.


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