Creating healthy Dabawenyos

Clean Slate – Creating healthy Dabawenyos
Monday, 27 September 2010 00:00
by Moses Billacura
Edge Davao-The Business Paper

Creating healthy citizens of Davao City requires careful study.
A robust, alert and strong Dabawenyo is not only productive as a member of the community, but becomes a valuable  asset to the city’s development.
Back in 1997, the idea of creating healthy Dabawenyos was born.
So, in the summer of that year, the trio of Patmei Bello Ruivivar, Oscar “Oca” Casaysay and Tisay teamed up with Ateneo de Davao University sports director and management professor William “Butch” Ramirez and a select few  formed a think tank that would include sports as part of the city’s annual development plan.
Some city councilors listened to the presentation of the team members who took turns in talking about the direction of sports development in a growing city. Some of them were in agreement, the others listened in silence, obviously contemplating the future of sports development in their beloved city.
In the presentation, Butch Ramirez differentiated sports development for elite athletes from that for purely recreational athletes, meaning those who only want to indulge in sports activities for the enjoyment they get from it along with remaining physically fit. The bottom line is create a generation of healthy Dabawenyos.
Understanding the International Olympic Committee’s Solidarity Movement, the roles of the Philippine Sports Commission, the Philippine Olympic Committee, the Davao Sports Council, the Private Schools Athletic Association, the Davao Association of Colleges and Schools, the Davao Sportswriters Association, the business community and the local government unit was crucial in the crafting of the plan.
The result would be the formation of the Davao City Sports Commission that would provide the needed direction for a genuine sports development programftro the more than a million Dabawenyos, supported with an ample sports development budget.
Before Councilor April Marie Dayap’s term as SK Federation president expired work towards that end had already started, only to be held in abeyance she exited, thus paving the way for the entry of a newly-elected youth representative in the City Council—Councilor Halila Y. Sudagar.
Will the return of Dayap mean that the unfinished business of sports development push through in partnership with Councilor Sudagar?
Or, will the the sports development plan remain on paper?
We need a genuine sports program first, then, if it is successful, that would eventually justify the building of multi-million sports facilities.
* * *
Happy birthday to Inquirer correspondent Dennis Jay Santos and Coca-Cola Tiger RJ Rizada.


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