Pacman at No.55; Boy Cua’s day

Clean Slate – Pacman at No.55; Boy Cua’s day
MONDAY, 13 SEPTEMBER 2010 00:00
by Moses Billacura
I came across a story published by Forbes Magazine that ranked Davao’s adopted son Manny Pacquiao at No. 55 in its “The Celebrity 100” which estimates earnings made by superstar personalities from June 1 of last year to June 1 of this year.
Forbes Magazine regarded our Pacman as the best boxer and in that period, it estimated the he earned $42 million and reported that the new congressman from Sarangani Province spent reportedly $7 million for the campaign.
Pacquiao could be earning more had Floyd Mayweather Jr. agreed to fight him as the bout is seen to be the biggest in terms of money to be raised and the last for Manny to finally give way to his Mama Dionisia’s request for him to retire.
But the boxing gods are still fond of the Pacman and want him to fight and entertain them more.
So, they offered Antonio Margarito for the November 13 walk in the park fight for Manny in Texas.
Margarito became nptprious in the boxing circles in January last year when his then trainer placed plaster of paris inserts in between his knuckles. When it was discovered by Shane Mosley’s trainer, a re-wrapping was ordered. Bad karma fell on Antonio as he was knocked down by Mosley.
As a result, the California and Nevada Boxing Commissions suspended him because when the illegal pads were later shown, they contained the elements calcium and sulphur. This act was all denied by Margarito.
Pacman’s trainer Freddie Roach will reportedly not blink an eye when Margarito’s hands are wrapped. That’s his job. He must do it to protect Pinoys’ national sports treasure.
* * *
In the Forbes Magazine list also are Shaquille O’Neal with $31 million, baseball player Alex Rodriguez $36 million, soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo $36 million, golfer Phil Mickelson $46 million, soccer star David Beckham $44 million, Floyd Mayweather Jr. $65 million, tennis star Roger Federer $43 million,  LeBron James $43 million, Michael Jordan $55 million, Kobe Bryant at No.14 $48 million and Tiger Woods with $105 million.
Below Pacman are Serena Williams $20 million, Derek Jeter $30 million, cyclist Lance Armstrong $20 million, Maria Sharapova $25 million and car racer Danica Patrick at No.96 with $12 million.
Happy birthday to Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas regional director Regino “Boy” Cua (Sept 14). Marjorie and I wish you good health in order for you to continue with your noble work as amateur basketball development worker.
When boss Boy joined the then Basketball Association of the Philippines (BAP) in 1998 as deputy regional director, he called for a meeting at Kusina Dabaw, beside the old “Y” gym. After a change of leadership in Manila, Boy was appointed regional director to the delight of the referees, team managers and players.
He then stopped the collection of sanction fees, secured payments for his referees’ licenses, brought international referees to Davao to re-train the referees commission members in the region, re-established strong linkages with Cebu commercial squads, rigorously negotiated for the continuance of youth basketball tournaments when sponsors attempt to stop it because of lack of sponsors, acted as arbitrator in all basketball conflicts, formed a strong commission composed of another basketball boss Linda Tesoro (women’s basketball), Atty.Francis Calatrava (referee’s commission), Atty.Reuben Abarquez (legal), Atty.Nonot Dayanghirang (development) and facilitated the entry of outstanding Davao players to the national teams.
He did all of these, all for the love of basketball. To Boy Cua, when you love, you follow the “Give Way” and not the “Get Way”.
Boss Boy found a strong partner in the City Government of Davao through three-point specialist Christopher Lawrence Tesoro Go, known as BG, who has been very supportive of many basketball tournaments in Davao, especially for the youth.
His loving wife, Caloie wanted him to retire from basketball because Boy is so engrossed in basketball development that it has affected his health.
Ah, who can stop Boy in making sure that the young basketball talents are protected and team managers like Winston Ho of Goldstar Hardware will not complain.
It is a thankless job but SBP president Manny V. Pangilinan and executive director Noli Eala would choose nothing less than Boy Cua.
And the Davao basketball community has been in the good hands of the man who has devoted his time and so much energy to basketball development and for that, we are very grateful.
Happy birthday boss Boy.
* * *
Happy anniversary to the Philippine Moo Duk Kwan-Soo Bahk Do Association (Sept.18) and birthday greetings too to Liloh Banzon Evangelista and Nidasor Francisco-Empaynado, whose loving husband Paul Eric has made Nida happy every day.

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