Araw ng Dabaw duckpin bowling results

Info from Ninfa Daclan of the Davao City Bowlers Association (Daciba):
The Davao City Bowlers Association with the sponsorship of Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte and Vice Mayor Inday Sara Z. Duterte held a duckpin bowling tournament at Dover Mega Lanes from February 24 to March 5, 2010, under the management of
Davao City Bowlers Association, (DACIBA) with its President Engr. Orlando Bravo
In its opening day at Dover Mega Lanes last February 24, 2010 at  7 in the evening, the Mayor was represented by Councilor Edgar Ibuyan.  There were 20 teams who participated in the tournament, wherein the top four teams in the elimination round will play an up-the-ladder format to determine the champion.  On its opening game, TEAM DOVER got the highest score of 654 pinfalls.
JOHN ALVERT BALUYOT – Highest Individual Score, 167 pinfalls
CARMELO  “JONG JONG” BENEDICTO, Highest Average, 137.5 pinfalls
CHE CHE CALIDA, Highest Pinning, 95 pinfalls
CHAMPION  – DIAGOLD TEAM, Team Manager, Roel Baluyot,
Team Captain, Berting Gorgonio receiving the cash prize of P6,000 from DACIBA
President, Engr. Lando Bravo
1ST RUNNER-UP, HOMER TEAM, Team Manager, Nash Amsirabi,
Team Captain, Aksan Amsirabi.  Cash Prize P4,500
2ND RUNNER-UP, DOVER TEAM, Team Manager, Bong Vergara,
Team Captain, Data Datuharon receiving the Trophy. Cash Prize P3,000
3RD RUNNER-UP, ADVENTURERS, Joe Torres, Team Manager holding the trophy while Team Captain Mel Bojo receiving the P2,000 cash prize

4 thoughts on “Araw ng Dabaw duckpin bowling results”

  1. one source to update us on bowling. how about publishing the results of the last national duckpin bowling championships (FEDBOP)held at dover lanes about four (4) years ago? i was a participant of KIDCIBA then. i asked the secretariat for a list of the results and waited until the next day to no avail. i’d be glad if you can make it possible. thanks.

  2. We’d love to participate in the tournament from the United States. Any help on who I’d contact for information on the 2011 tournament

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