So resumes title hunt vs Israeli GM

     Standings after eight rounds:
     6.5 points — A. Giri (Netherlands)
     5 – W. So (RP), H. Ni (China), E. l Ami (Netherlands)
     4.5 – A. Naiditsch (Germany), P. Harikrishna (India), D. ,Howell (England)
     4 – P. Negi (India)
     3.5 – E. ,Sutovsky (Israel)               
     3 — T. Nyback (Finland), A. Muzychuk (Slovenia), L. Nisipeanu (Romania)
     2.5 – D. Reinderman (Netherlands)    
     2 — V. ,Akobian (USA)
GM Wesley So goes for an all-important win against fifth seed GM Emil Sutovsky of Israel as he resumes his title hunt in the 72nd Corus chess tournament at the De Moriaan Community Centre in Wijk Aan Zee, Netherlands Tuesday.
So hopes to make the most of the white against Sutovsky, the last of five players ranked higher than the sixth-seed Filipino champion in the13-round Group B, Category 16 tournament.
After Sutovsky, So, toting a 2656 rating, will be taking on four players rated lower than him in the last four rounds, including GM Tomi Nyback of Finland, GM Anish Giri of the Netherlands, GM David Howell of England  and lone female participant IM Anna Muzychuk of Slovenia.
So is in joint second with Ni Ha of China and Erwin I’ Ami of the Netherlands with 5 points, 1.5 points behind solo leader Giri.
So needs to build momentum against Sutovsky and Nyback in time for his keenly-awaited 11th round match with Giri on Friday.
“He (So) must be able to narrow Giri’s lead to at least one point ahead of their 11th-round showdown,” said National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) executive/events director Willie Abalos. “It will be interesting to see how Giri will play black against Wesley.”


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