6th Carambunal sa Davao complete results

RESULTS : 6th Carambunal sa Davao 2009

November 21, 2009 @ Gaisano Grand Citimall



Elementary Boys Division

Category 1

Gold: Joshua Cabrera [AFPLC Elem. School]

Silver: Bryan Benian [BTAD- GenSan]

Bronze: Brent Moreno [A. Loyola Eem. School]

Bronze: Michael Dumadaog [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]


Category 2

Gold: Kieth Nelson Verallo [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Silver: Joemar Lanepa [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Bronze: Miller Hilot [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Bronze: Paolo James Dupitas [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]


Category 3

Gold: Stefanio Urboda [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Silver: Christian Fernandez [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Conelio Sanchez Jr. [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Category 4

Gold: Jonnel Galorio [AFPLC Elem. School]

Silver: Harold Tristan Sumundad [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Sean Christopher Balino [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Paul John Bravo [AFPLC Elem. School]


Category 5

Gold: Kenneth Ordaneza [AFPLC Elem. School]

Silver: Kervin Kenneth Luntayan [AFPLC Elem. School]

Elementary Girls Division

Category 1

Gold: Noemi Mayao  [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Silver: Elvie Lapiceros  [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Bronze: Kathlyn Cennia Tigullo [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Praisey Dela Cruz [AFPLC Elem. School]


Category 2

Gold: Raquel Buenafe [G. L. Dondoy Elem. School]

Silver: Liezel Joy Gonzalez [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Geramie Tag-at [AFPLC Elem. School]

Bronze: Jaimie Angelie Ledesma [AFPLC Elem. School]



Junior Boys

Category: Pin Weight

Gold: Letran, Jan Reysther[DCNHS]

Silver: Seville, Arnel[AL Navarro NHS]

Bronze: Macasaet, Jacob[DCNHS]

Bronze: Cabacoy, Wilfredo[AL Navarro NHS]


Category: Bantam Weight

Gold: Sagne, Alfred[KDO, Central Gym]

Silver: Albiso, Uliver[DCNHS]

Bronze: Ortiz, Michael John[AL Navarro NHS]

Bronze: Salvador, Romel[Bernardo Carpio NHS]


Category: Feather Weight

Gold: Cambangay, Bryan[DCNHS]

Silver: Losaria, Arnel Jr.[BTAD,Tantangan]

Bronze: Siason, Syril[BTAD,Gensan]

Bronze: Duran, John Michael[BTAD,Tupi]


Category: Extra Light Weight

Gold: Paco, Lawrence Christopher[DCNHS]

Silver: Palacio, Sydney Dawn[BTAD,Gensan]

Bronze: Baynosa, Jumar[KDO,Central Gym]

Bronze: Amper, Bill [DCNHS]



Category: Half Light Weight

Gold: Petagara, Bon Leony[BTAD,Gensan]

Silver: Escuadro, Kenneth [EJM,Panabo]




Mid Junior Boys

Category: Fly Weight

Gold: Mangete, Jecie Loyd[AL Navarro NHS]

Silver: Pueblo, Jezreel[AL Navarro NHS]

Bronze: Nesperos, Mark[Bernardo Carpio NHS]



Category: Bantam-Extra Light Weight

Gold: Leyson, Edward Gian Carlo[BTAD, Gensan]

Silver: Saliganan, Manuel Joseph[BTAD,Gensan]





Category: Pin weight

Gold: Morcillo, Jezebel   DCNHS

Silver: Gudin Catherine    DCNHS

Bronze: Gonzaga Juliet       Brgy Lamanan

Bronze: Morcillo Jennilyn   DCNHS


Category: Bantam Weight

Gold: Bucol, Monic           AL Navarro NHS

Silver: Huelar, Jehza Mae   Pablo Lorenzo NHS

Bronze: Sagne, Adelfa          DCNHS

Bronze:Sagne, Anafe            DCNHS


Category: Feather weight

Gold: Gererola Marjorie        Bernardo Carpio NHS

Silver: Ocho Mary Jane         Bernardo Carpio NHS

Bronze: Camacho, Chu chie  BTAD Gen San

Bronze: Sering Julian Amethyst  Pablo Lorenzo NHS



Category: Half Light

Gold: Merto Melanie            AL Navarro NHS

Silver: Rejaba, Ma Charity    DCNHS

Bronze:  Escoltor Sarah Jane    BTAD GenSan

Bronze: Campomanes JullamAnne Lesky    Pablo  Lorenzo NHS


Category: Extra Light

Gold: Ma.Strella Sapar         DCNHS

Silver: Moralde Leah Ching   BTAD GenSan

Bronze:  Panaguiton Ezra         AL Navarro NHS

Bronze: Lao Chrezel                 KDO Central Gym



Category: Pin weight

Gold: Donato Cherry Joy        AL Navarro NHS

Silver: Buenafe Raquel            AL Navarro NHS

Bronze: Hilogo Christine Joy    BTAD GenSan

Category: Feather weight

Gold: Allen, Mary Jehan          AL Navarro NHS

Silver: Catipay Glaiza Joyce     BTAD GenSan



Category: Extra Light

Gold: Ian Gaballo                 KDO Central Gym

Silver: Fortaliza Jeffrey           BTAD GenSan

Bronze:Morales Christian Ray  BTAD GenSan

Bronze: Apoluhan, Ian James    KDO Central Gym


Category: Half Light

Gold: Caaco, Joel                   BTAD GenSan

Silver: Castrana, James Bond   BTAD Polomolok

Bronze:  Nalzaro Noel                EJM Panabo

Bronze: Campomanes JullamAnne Lesky    Pablo  Lorenzo NHS




Category: Extra Light

Gold: Sapar Paulette             DCNHS

Silver: Noro Arlyn                BTAD GenSan

Mario Palazuelo

Arnis Philippines


Davao City



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