Goodyear Philippines-Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy results

Auto Review Run for Road Safety and Courtesy

September 29, 2009, Gaisano Mall of Davao


10K Male       :

1st – Anthony Nerza                           :           32:19

2nd – Fernando Subayno                  :           32:22

3rd – Roy Leonor                               :           32:30

10K Female   :

1st – Monaliza Ambasa                     :           40:05

2nd – Ma. Estela Mamac-Diaz         :           41:39

3rd – Mae Barit                                  :           45:25

5K Male          :

1st – Gerard Lamatan                       :           16:10

2nd – JR Emmanuel Leonor :           16:49

3rd – William Guhiling                        :           16:59

5K Female     :

1st – Cynthia Jaro                              :           18:09

2nd – Chrysel Cuming                       :           19:07

3rd – Criselyn Jaro                             :           20:49


Goodyear Philipppines, Auto Review organize run contest on Sunday

On Sunday morning (Sept.26) at around 5 a.m., hundreds of runners are joining the Goodyear Philippines-Auto Review Run starting at the Gaisano Mall of Davao.

The region’s best runners are also expected to compete to fine tune their preparations for a big running competition next month in Manila.

Goodyear Philippines’s Bessie Arciga and Auto Review’s Ron delos Reyes will be on hand to award the prizes to the winners.

1st Al Munawwara Invitational Sports (AMIS) – “Soccer for Peace” on Saturday

Info from Davao Football Association:

Participating teams to the  1st Al Munawwara Invitational Sports (AMIS) – “Soccer for Peace” on 26 September 2009. The theme is “One community, one city, one country – Pagkakaisa Isang Serbisyo Oportunidad.” The categories are: 6 Under (5 a-side) ; 8 Under; 10 Under; 12 Under; and Elementary Girls.

This is an initiative of Engr. Cabel Nurhasan and is in cooperation with AMIS,  Office of the Presidential Affairs on the Peace Process, Department of Education, and UP Mindanao .

The following teams have confirmed their participation:

6 Under Ateneo (2) , Sakya FC (2), South Point School , Abba’s Orchard
8 Under AMIS, Ateneo (2), South Point School, Catalunan Grande, Sakya FC, Brain Works, Montserrat Camp School, Davao Football Academy, Doña Pilar Learning Center (2)
10 Under AMIS, Ateneo (2), South Point School (2), Catalunan Grande, Sakya FC (2), Brain Works, SOS Children’s Village, Montserrat Camp School, Mintal ES, Holy Child School of Davao, Philippine Women’s College (2), Doña Pilar Learning Center, Zonta ES, St. Paul’s Pasig – Davao
12 Under Ateneo (2), South Point, Catalunan Grande, Brain Works, Abba’s Orchard, SOS Children’s Village, Montserrat camp School, Mintal ES, Holy Child School of Davao, Kapt. Tomas Monteverde ES, Doña Pilar Learning Center , Zonta ES, St. Paul ’s Pasig – Davao
Elementary Girls Ateneo (2), Catalunan Grande, Brain Works, SOS Children’s Village, Holy Child School of Davao, Zonta ES

Arnis Tournament results

RESULTS : 24th Kadayawan Arnis Tournament
September 21, 2009 @ Gaisano Grand Citimall

Mid-Junior Boys(Novice)

Fly Weight – Gold:      Pueblo, Jezreel[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Silver:    Lim, Francis Earl[Brgy. Obrero]
Bronze:  Mangente, Jecie Loyd[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:  Nogas Jr., Alexander[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]

Pinweight   –    Gold:       Batoc, John Spencer[Brgy. Sasa]
Silver:      Morales, Philip[Davao City National H.S.]

Bantam    –    Gold:       Delmo, Jayrald[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Silver:     Guellano, Danilo[Brgy. 76-A]

Light Weight  -Gold:     Amper, Bill[Brgy. Buhangin]
Silver:     Dalhog, Alexander[KDO]

Junior Girls(Novice]

FlyWeight – Gold:       Tutor, Jenefer[Brgy. Cabantian]
Silver:     Sagne, Adelfa[Brgy. 19-B]

PinWeight   –    Gold:       Sagne, Anafe[Brgy. 19-B]
Silver:     Sagne, Adelfa[Brgy. 19-B]
Bronze:   Magane, Mary Ann[KDO]
Bronze:   Huelar, Jeliza Mae[KDO,Mandug]

Bantam   –    Gold:      Sering, Juliane[Brgy. Mandug]
Silver:    Casano, Mairene Grace[Brgy. Cabantian]
Bronze:  Tandog, Judith[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:  Campomanes, Nikki Anne Lyssete[Brgy. Mandug]

Feather   –    Gold:      Mangente, Ma. Christina[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Silver:     Estrobillo, Apple Cathren[KDO Central Gym]
Bronze:   Yaranon, Eloisa[Brgy. Mandug]

Light Weight   -Gold:    Hilario, Janine Bernadette[Brgy.Mandug]
Silver:      Campomanes, Julla Anne Lesly[Brgy. Mandug]
Bronze:    Aguilar, Angelyn[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:    Mercurio, Lavenia[KDO Mandug]

Junior Boys(Novice)

Fly Weight – Gold:      Seville, Arnel[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Silver:    Gumba, Angelito Jr.[KDO Mandug]

Pinweight   –    Gold:      Bualan, Jomar[KDO Mandug]
Silver:    Duciano, Marvin[KDO F. Bangoy]
Bronze:  Roa, Aristotle[KDO F. Bangoy]

Bantam    –    Gold:     Gallentes, James Harnid[KDO Mandug]
Silver:     Braga, Jestoni[KDO Mandug]

FeatherWeight-Gold:   Baynosa, Marbert[KDO Mandug]
Silver:     Paglinawan, Marco Paulo[KDO Mandug]
Bronze:   Besina, Noel S.[KDO Mandug]
Bronze:   Ramos, Jemuel Louis[Buhangin]

Light Weight  -Gold:     Simpliciano, George[Brgy.19-B]
Silver:      Nualam, Jashem Omar[Brgy. 21-C]
Bronze:    Baynosa, Jumar[KDO Mandug]
Bronze:    Caya, Mc Dave[KDO]

Elementary Boys

A –     Gold:Moreno Brent[Brgy. Crossing Bayabas]
Silver: Torino, Walter Jan[Kapt. Tomas Elem Sch.]

B –    Gold: Labayen, Leonard[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Silver: Loriezo, Christian Dan Ivan[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]

C-    Gold:Fernandez, Christian[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Silver:Galorio Jonnel[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]

Elementary Girls

A –     Gold:Dela Cruz, Praisey[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Silver:Costanilla, Juvy Ann[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]

B –     Gold:Gonzales, Leizel Joyce[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Silver:Regidor, Joyce[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Bronze: Tag-at, Gerame[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]
Bronze: Portolazo, Karen Mae[AFPLC Elem. Sch.]

Senior Men(Novice)

Extra Light Weight-Gold: Cumbab, Milven[KDO Mandug]
Silver:Nermal, Noli[E.J.M. Arnis Panabo Club]
Bronze:Nermal, John Mark[E.J.M. Arni’s Panabo Club]
Bronze:Cadungon, Bonie[KDO Mandug]

Senior Men (Advance)

Extra Light Weight-Gold:Celiona, Rhoy[KDO Central Gym]
Silver: Gaviola, Manuel Jr.[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:Sulla, Pablito[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]

Mid-Junior Boys(Advance)

Fly Weight – Gold:     Uy, Jayson Cristopher[Bangoy National H.S.]
Silver    Dionsay Jr. Rolando[KDO]

Mid-Junior Girls(Novice)

Fly Weight – Gold:      Morcillo, Jennilyn[KDO]
Silver:    Buenafe, Raquel[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:  Lopez, Evelyn[KDO F.Bangoy]
Bronze:   Tabaranza, Rey Shiel[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]

Pinweight   –    Gold:      Quijote, Irene[Brgy. 37-D]
Silver:     Sabijon, Rachelle [Brgy. Lamanan]
Bronze:   Mutoc, Hazel[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Bronze:   Itliong, Sarah Mae[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]

Bantam Light -Gold:    Allen, Mary Jehan[A.L. Navarro National H.S.]
Silver:     Ramos, Marielle Mae[Brgy. Maa]

Junior Boys (Advance)

Fly Weight – Gold:      Monterolla,Care B. Jason(A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Silver:    Letran Jan Reyser( Brgy. Matute Quirino)
Bronze:  Paterno,Marvin Roy(Brgy. Cabantian)
Bronze:  Cabacoy, Wilfredo (A.L. Navarro  N.H.S.)

Pinweight   –    Gold:     Caballo, Ian Christopher(KDO Central Gym)
Silver:    Marcellones, Kurt Belly( A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Bronze:  Canoy Jelord  (A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Bronze:   Sabanilla, Stephen ( Brg. Lamanan)

Bantam    –    Gold:      Albiso, Oliver (Brg. 5-a Bankerohan)
Silver:    Almendras Axell John ( Bry 19-B)
Bronze:  Corticiano Arvin  ( Brg. Tigatto)
Bronze:   Sarabia, Ketz  (Brg. Lamanan)

Feather Weight- Gold:  Morcillo Johniel (KDO Central Gym)
Silver:      Cambangay Bryan (Brg. 19-B)
Bronze:    Manampad jr, Nasser ( A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Bronze:    Navales, Elmer (Brg. Lamanan)

Light Weight  -Gold:  Lajo Ervin  (KDO Central Gym)
Silver:  Paco Laurence Christopher( Brg. 5-a)

Junior Girls (Advance)

Fly Weight – Gold:  Morcillo Jezebel (Brg. 39-B)
Silver: Gonzaga, Juliet (Brg. Lamanan

Pinweight   –    Gold: Hingania, Ruby Ann ( A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Silver: Balaye, Claire Angilica ( KDO Central Gym)
Bronze:Almendras Axel Daine Rose ( KDO Central Gym)

Bantam    –    Gold:       Bucol, Monic (A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Silver:     Gudin, Catherine (Brg. Angliongto)
Bronze:   Diana, Niezel Mae (Brg. Angliongto)

Feather Weight- Gold:  Sapar Maria Estrilla (Brg Tionko)
Silver:     Ocho Mary Jean    (KDO Central Gym)
Bronze:   Escala, Elyn ( Brg. Lamanan)
Bronze:   Panaguiton Ezra (A.L Navarro N.H.S.)

Light Weight  -Gold:    Merto, Melanie ( A.L. Navarro N.H.S.)
Silver:     Rejaba, Ma. Charity (KDO Central Gym)
Bronze:  Sapar Paulette (Brg. Tionko)
Bronze:    Poliquit Cheramae (Brg. Lamanan)

Mario Palazuelo
Arnis Philippines
Davao City

Blue Knights, Crusaders enter semis

Title-contenders Ateneo de Davao University Blue Knights and Holy Cross of Davao College Crusaders downed their respective foes to formalize their entry in the Final Four of the Philippine Collegiate Champions League Davao City eliminations, Monday, at the Ladislawa Garden Village Gym.

The Blue Knights routed Rizal Memorial College Bulldogs, 75 – 71 while the Crusaders came out strong in the final period to hack out an 82 – 74 victory over Agro Industrial Foundation College Sailors.

Finishing the preliminary round undefeated, the Cholo Elegino-mentored Blue Knights topped the Bracket A while the Crusaders under the tutelage of Adel Nobleza came on top of the Barcket B.

Ateneo will battle Jose Maria College Kings who placed second in Bracket B while Holy Cross takes on Bracket A second-seed University of Mindanao Wildcats.

The cross-over semifinals is set on Thursday with the Blue Knights and Kings encounter serving as curtain raiser at 2 p.m. The Crusaders and Wildcats battle it out at 3:30 p.m.

Skipper Richard Madelo and Conrad Fernando scored 16 points apiece to led the charge for the Blue Knights who overcame a 20 plus points deficit to beat the Wildcats on Sunday.

Miguel Solitaria chipped in 12 markers for Ateneo.

Trailing in the first three quarters, the Crusaders exploded in the pay off period to foil the Sailors bid to make it to the final four.

Nards John Pinto scattered 17 points. including a crucial baeline triple that sparked a Holy Cross rally midway of the final canto.

Leo Bordas added 16 for the Crusaders who trounced the Kings in the opener.(pr)

NDAY SARA-RVAI CAGEFEST:CMO guns for title vs. Delongtes, Sports for Peace plays RVAI


CMO guns for title vs. Delongtes, Sports for Peace plays RVAI

Multi-titled City Mayor’s Office squad guns for another title on Wednesday against a younger and faster Delongtes-Squamen for the 1st Inday Sara-RVAI Invitational Cup basketball tournament at the Rivera Village Covered Court.

CMO and Delongtes both scored convincing wins on Sunday to earn the right to this winner-take-all face-off set at 9:00 p.m. after the battle for third place between Kolin-Emcor and Davao Bayan Hardware at 6:30 pm and the exhibition match featuring Sports For Peace against the home squad of RVAI at 8:00 p.m.

CMO whipped Davao Bayan 90-55 behind the 37-point effort of sweet-shooting Bong Go while Delongtes also registered an equally devastating 82-55 win over Kolin-Emcor in the other semis.

The winner and runners-up will receive cash prizes and trophies courtesy of Vice Mayor Inday Sara Duterte and the Rivera Village Association, Inc. The lady vice mayor will be awarding the prizes after the championship.

Meantime, Sports For Peace led by former PSC Chairman Butch Ramirez will be playing the RVAI squad as an appetizer to the championship. Ramirez will be leading a squad made up of sports media and sports volunteers. Among the members of the media who will be suiting up are Jon Develos, Leo Palo, Rico Biliran, Moses Billacura, and Andy Rara.

For RVAI, brothers Jun Jun and Sonny Lopez, Bong Bonleon, Cesar Felix and Jet Calma will lead the cast.

Tournament committee co-chair Jet Calma and Sonny Lopez, meantime, expressed their thanks to the Vice Mayor and the City Sports Development Office for the support.(pr)