Race for Peace Mindanao Tour on June 4 to 7

Call to Peace 

For far too long, Mindanao has been besieged by conflicts and wars of ideology and differing persuasions; for far too long, we have been witness to the ill-effects of instability, hostilities and infightings to our life as a people and as a nation; 

Today we have come to realize the indivisible reality of peace as a necessary precondition to stability, growth & advancement; today we have realized once more that we can not have development of our people and communities without first attaining a sense of order and safety for our citizens;  

Those of us who have witnessed & experienced the unfolding events in Mindanao both in the present and in the past understand fully the passion by which we Mindanaoans have embraced the need for the attainment of authentic, workable peace; 

We are of the belief that the time has come for us to speak in one strong, singular voice on the supremacy of peace and the imperative of stability in our national life; as such, the urgency of the moment and the significance of the present compelled us to take the lead in this pursuit for peace; 

Today, we, the organizing committee of RACE FOR PEACE THE 1st MINDANAO TOUR have gathered our resources in a modest yet ambitious effort to help trail-blaze new directions and help chart a new road map to peace; 

For four days beginning June 4 until June 7, this year, our 72 riders accompanied by a greater number of fellow peace activists from a wide cross-section of our communities will traverse the length & breadth of Mindanao in a cross-country race; it is our hope that as we take on the roads of Mindanao, we shall somehow draw national attention on the plight of our citizens in a backdrop of unpeace; 

It is our dream that as we ride through the great plains and vastness of our great and fertile land in South Central Mindanao we shall be able to bring one very important message across: that peace is the greatest need of our time; 

We thank all groups, individuals and organizations, peace activists and advocates, media entities and establishments, local government executives including those who bear arms for silencing their guns & endorsing our concept of heightening people’s awareness thru the discipline of sports, sports being a great promoter of peace & understanding, of finding common or middle grounds amongst warring factions;  

On June 4, we urge all of you who believe in the urgency of this campaign to go out in the roads and welcome or cheer our 72 brave cyclists or ‘ambassadors of goodwill’ from the 12 teams representing Mindanao; 

On June 4, we urge everyone to join us at Rizal Park at 8 o’clock in the morning to send-off our riders on a historic journey like no other; 

Should you wish to express your written Statements of Support, we welcome you to join us at the race site on June 4 and read out your messages enjoining all fellow Filipinos to rally behind this call to peace; 

Should you desire to join in this march, we welcome everyone who wish to ride with us thru the provinces, cities and municipalities and help usher in a new era of peace & understanding in our time and a greater appreciation of the rich culture of our tri-people in the south. 

God bless Mindanao! God bless the Philippines! 








What? sportsman Bong Go has a private army? basketball director Boy Cua is joining!

Amateur basketball regional director Regino “Boy” Cua said he is joining Bong Go’s army.

This is the other Bong Go, not multi-titled coach Bong Go of Ateneo de Davao,Valderamma Basketball in the 1970’s, Montana Pawnshop in the PBL and  Professional Davao Eagles in the defunct MBA.

Boy Cua, Davao’s basketball godfather who hired coach Bong Go to mentor the Ateneo de Davao High School team that played in the Pan-Pacific School Games in Melbourne(Australia), is referring to Christopher Lawrence Tesoro Go, Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte’s executive assistant, hot-shooting three-point specialist of the CMO Basketball Team (Can you still remember he scored 70 plus points?), chairman of the sports committee of the 2009 Araw ng Dabaw.

Check this editorial:


What is wrong with the Commission on Human Rights investigators?

Simply stupid.

Bong Go in action.
City Sports Coordinator Bong Go of the City Mayor's Office eludes Danny Cook of the Australian Sports Ambassadors at the Davao City Recreation Center in this file photo taken in January 2008. The visitors won, 95-63.DAVAO SPORTSWRITERS ASSOCIATION

Coach Bong Go Basketball Secrets Coaching Clinic on May 31

Dear Basketball Coach and Friends,

Basketball Secrets Coaching Clinic will be re-staged on May 31, 2009 at the JRU Gym, in Mandaluyong.

Please help me promote this event among your inner circle. Registration is at Php 1,500 each. For pre-registration or more information, please contact Coach Bong Go at cell no. 0918-275-0631 or at landline, 825-83-43.

Thank you for your help, once again. Basketball Secrets Coaching Clinic Program: May 31, 2009, Sunday 8:00 AM Late Registration, Welcome and Introduction 9:00 AM Basketball Secrets: The game within a game; The most important factors in winning a basketball game? What should be your best defense? Coach Bob Knight’s Coaching Philosophy? How to develop game sense? How to develop a killer line-up? What a coach can teach a teacher? The most common nutritional problem in sports? Many more……. 10:30 AM Break 10:45 AM Basketball Scouting: what to look for? checklist and sample scouting forms. 12: Noon Break 1:00 PM The Winning Edge: Coaching Special Situations; jump balls, free throw situations, out of bounds situations, late game situations. 3:00 PM On Court Demonstration: Drills, Plays and Scrimmage Methods 5:15 PM

Awarding of Certificates of Attendance, Conclusion There is a money back guarrantee, if you know all the Basketball Secrets to be divulged. A must for the basketball coach seeking for that competitive edge. Lets be in an inner-circle of coaches who know their stuff. Hoping to see you there….

Very truly yours,

Coach Bong Go

Culminating Football Festival on May 23

Culminating Football Festival on May 23

Davao FA will hold the culminating activity for the Davao Football Academy – Summer 2009 on 23 May at the Tionko Football Grounds starting at 8:00 AM. This is will involve DFA’s three (3) clinic venues and 140 players in Mintal (31 players), Catalunan Grande (75 players) and the Tionko Football Grounds (34 players).

The Mintal and Catalunan Grande clinics are part of the MILO sponsored Summer Sports Clinic and is in coordination with the Department of Education and the local barangay.

Other groups who are conducting summer clinics will be invited to participate. Most of the players can be categorized as beginners or intermediate participant in the sport whose ages are from 4 to 14 years old. Sakya FC, Claudians, and SOS Children’s Village have already confirmed their participation.

Competition will be in the following categories: 6 & Under (4 a-side); 8 & Under (5 a-side); 10 & Under (7 a-side); and, 14 & Under (7 a-side).

Certificates will be distributed to the Football Academy enrollees and medals will be given to all players in this culminating festival.

The Davao Football Academy is under the supervision of Head Coach Noel Presto. The Mintal clinic is supervised by Coach Danny Boy Fernandez and the Catalunan Grande clinic is under the jurisdiction of Coach Lalas Carreon. The other coaches are Jesse Gravino, Merlo Albano, Keith Canton, Angelo Roncal, Venancio Tidon, Janver Magaway, Lani Lee Bullo, Ferdinan Balaga, and Glaiza Tabanao.

Stanley Cañete is the Tournament Commissioner of the festival.

Erwin E. Protacio
UP Mindanao
Mintal, Davao City
(006382)293 0863 (loc 215) telefax

2nd Mindanao Chairman’s Cup info sheet for participants

2nd Mindanao Chairman’s Cup

July 11, 12, 2009

Apo Golf and Country Club

“GOLF   TA    SA    DAVAO”

Rules of Play


* The tournament shall be 36 holes team play tournament to be played in two (2) days at Apo Golf and Country Club on July 11, 12, 2009,
* Team shall be composed of Five (5) players.

* The best four (4) scores will count as the team’s score for each round. The total of the team’s daily scores for two (2) days will the team’s score for the tournament.


* The Mindanao Chairman’s Cup is an amateur golf competition for golf club bona fide members.

* Professional golfers whether Tour Players or Teaching Professionals are not allowed to play in the tournament, and are likewise prohibited from assisting or acting as caddies to participants in the tournament.

* All participating team may be required at the option of the tournament committee to submit their Roster of Members from their respective clubs as of June 2009, during the Team Captain Meeting. This Roster, once submitted, may no longer be changed nor can any new names added.

* The names of the players in the final team line-up, on the form provided by the tournament, must be signed by the team captain.

* A player shall play for only one team and for not more than 36 holes.

* Teams that really need to add names to their submitted team line up due to reasons beyond their control must submit a letter to the Tournament Committee explaining their situation and asking for consideration. This must be done before the June 30, 2009 . If the Tournament Committee allows the addition, the Team concerned will be automatically assigned to the Eagle Division.



Disqualification of a team shall mean the disqualification of all its members and their scores will no longer be counted in the determination of team standings. Grounds for disqualification of a team shall be the following:

o Fielding an ineligible player. An ineligible player shall be defined as:

1. A player whose name does not appear in the official application form duly signed by the team captain.
2. A player who has played for another team in an earlier round;
3. A player who has already played 36-holes;
4. A player who assumes the identity of another player;

o Fielding more than five (5)  players;

o Fielding less than 4 players on any day of the competition;

o Non-payment of the Entry Fee on or before July 2, , 2009

o Other gross violations that the Tournament Committee feels should merit a penalty of disqualification;


Disqualification of any player under the Rules of Golf in the first round shall not be effective for the second round unless the Rules Committee determines otherwise.


* Teams shall be divided into Four divisions according to the team average  handicap  based on the lowest June 2009 handicap of the members of the team.
* . The team divisions are:

Eagle Division ( average aggregate handicap ( 0-9)

Durian Division ( average aggregate handicap ( 10 – 15 )

Pomelo              ( average aggregate handicap  ( 16-21)

Chico                 ( average aggregate handicap    (22-27)

A special division for sportswriters SANTOL Division will be included for the first time.




DOUBLE BOGEY  1 POINTS        BIRDIE                4 POINTS

BOGEY                   2 POINTS       EAGLE                 5 POINTS

PAR                        3 POINTS                       HOLE IN ONE      6 POINTS


POMELO DIVISION (10-15)         CHICO  DIVISION (22-27)

Guidelines for Team Composition:

Eagle division shall be composed of at least 3 or more players with handicap  ( 0-9) and whose average team handicap shall be no more than 9.

Durian Division shall be composed of maximum of 2 players with handicaps of ( 0-9) and or 3 or more players with handicaps 10-15  and whose average team handicap shall be between 10 and no more than 15.

Pomelo Division shall be composed of maximum of 1 player with handicap from 0-9 and maximum of 2 players with handicap of 10-15, and whose average team handicap shall be between 16 to 21., no players with 0-9 handicap shall be allowed in this division.

Chico division shall be composed of maximum of 1 player with handicap  10-15, and or  maximum of 2 players with handicap of 16-21, and whose average team handicap shall be between 22 to 27.  No playes with handicap lower than 15 shall be allowed to play in this division. .

*Cut off to determine handicap shall be the June 2009 handicap.

The committee however reserves the right to the final classification of the teams.


* Pairings and starting times for the first and second rounds shall be based on the team averages. Pairings and starting times for the last two rounds shall be based on scores, which will reflect team standings.

* Pairings shall indicate team names only. Team Captains should provide the starters with the names of their players within 30 minutes before the scheduled tee times of his team.

* The committee reserves the rights to alter the pairings if it feels that such an action is good for the tournament. Players who refuse to follow such changes will be DISQUALIFIED.


A player is late to tee if he is not on the tee, ready to play, when the starter calls the first player in his flight tot the tee. The late player is not disqualified. He will score zero points on the holes that he failed to play and he will be allowed to join his assigned group on the tee of the next hole to be played.


* All players must maintain the peace of play at all times. If a flight fails behind by having an open hole in front of them, they will be warned by an official, asked to speed up play and keep pace with the flight ahead.
* If they do not, in the opinion of the official, make a conscious effort to speed up play in the next few holes, the official will time all members of the flight. The official doing the timing shall be the sole judge of when it is the player’s turn to play.
* Any player who takes more than one (1) minute to play his shot from the time it is his turn to play, shall incur a bad time and be subject to the following penalties:

First Bad Time   Warning

Second Bad Time  One-Stroke Penalty

Third Bad Time  Two-strokes Penalty

Fourth Bad Time  Disqualification

* The flight will be timed until they have regained their position on the course.

* A player will carry his bad time for the rest of the round in case they fall out of position again.


In accordance with Decisions 6-Sa/2.5 and 56-8a / 2.7 of the Rules of Golf, players are not allowed to stop at the clubhouse after nine holes of play, sit down, order food and drinks and have refreshments, if such action shall delay game.

Penalty for Breach: Disqualification


Cellular Phones should be placed on silent mode and should not be used during play of a hole.


If a player has no more chance to make a point on the hole, he must pick up his ball and stop play for that hole, He shall score zero points for the hole and must mark his score on that hole with an “X” to indicate a pick-up

Note: Signing for a score higher than DOUBLE BOGEY shall mean that the player made such a score and he will be subject to the penalty clause of this rule.

Penalty for breach: 2 points deduction from the team points for the day. However, the team penalty will not apply if the player involved has been disqualified for signing a wrong scorecard.

11- TIES

* Ties in the team competition shall be settled by comparing scores and determining the winner on the basis of:

1. The final day score of the team* on the back 9..
2. If still ties, the final day score of the front nine;
3. If still tied, the first day score of the team on the back nine.,
4. If still tied the matter will be referred to the committee.

*(Team score means the top 4 best score)


Only caddies and umbrella boys / girls accredited by the host club may be employed.


* Each player shall be assigned by the Committee as a marker to record the scores of another player in the same flight. The marker shall record gross scores only and mark pick-ups with and “X”. The Committee shall compute for the points scored.

* The marker must do the recording of scores and NOT the caddie.

Penalty for breach: Two strokes for each violation.

* To avoid penalties, players are reminded to:

1. Check their hole-by-hole scores for accuracy;
2. Settle any doubtful points with the marker or the Committee before signing the card;
3. Make sure the marker has signed the card;
4. Countersign the card;
5. Return the card to the Committee as soon as possible.


The Tournament Committee will not entertain any requests for tee times or changes in the tee times. Players who join the competition should be ready to play on any of the dates and tee-times assigned to them by the Committee.

15- All complaints must be lodged to the committee upon submission of the scorecards, the committee reserves the right at its discretion to entertain complaints lodged thereafter.


The competition shall be deemed to have closed when the championship trophy of the division concerned has been awarded to the winner.


* The team that scores the highest MOLAVE Points after TWO days of play shall win their respective Division Trophy.


These Tournament Local Rules shall be in effect for the 2nd Mindanao Chairman’s Cup:

* EMBEDDED BALL – Rule 25-2 is expanded to include all areas “through the green.”

“A ball embedded in its own pitch-mark through the green may be lifted, cleaned and dropped, without penalty, as near as possible to the spot where it lay but not nearer the hole. The ball when dropped must first strike a part of the course through the green.”

* TIME OF STARTING – The five-minute allowance for late to tee is NOT IN EFFECT. The player is disqualified for the holes he missed and may join his assigned group on the tee of the next hole to be played.

* STONES IN BUNKER – The local Rule allowing the removal of stones in a bunker is IN EFFECT unless the Tournament Committee announces otherwise.


These Rules shall be effective on the 2st Mindanao Chairman’s Cup in Davao City Golf Club on July 11- 12, 2009 at Apo Golf and Country Club.


2nd Mindanao Chairman’s Cup

July 11-12, 2008

Apo Golf and Country Club

I, ______________________________, of legal age, a citizen of __________________,


single/ married and a resident of __________________________ hereby declares:


1. That I am a member of (team) ________________ and a participant to the 2nd Minanao Chairman’s Cup from July 11, 12 2009.
2. That I hereby certify that I am medically and physically fit to participate in the said tournament.
3. That I voluntarily join the tournament and hereby absolve the organizers of the 2ndt Minanao Chairman’s Cup, its officers and sponsors, and all members and officers of the tournament, from any liability that may arise as a result of my joining the tournament.
4. That I further release and discharge the organizers, officers and sponsors of said tournament, from any and all action/s, suit/s, damage/s, claim/s and /or demands which may arise in the course of my joining the tournament.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affix my signature this ____________ day of July, 2009 at Davao City, Philippines.


Signature over Printed Name

of Participant

Attested by:


Team Captain

Note: Please submit to Interclub Secretariat or Starters Committee.

/mygolf/tournament format/

ARAFURA GAMES: Hot start ends in cold waters

ARAFURA GAMES Hot start ends in cold waters

By Neil Bravo

DARWIN, N.T., AUSTRALIA—The vaunted “Sleepless Swimmers” ended their hot start here with a dose of cold water.

After splashing for two silvers and 12 bronzes, the bling-bling count stopped for good for the gutsy tankers in the 2009 Arafura Games as the freezing Wednesday morning Darwin weather got the better of them in the open water competitions at Lake Bennett.

Tiara Bebony Tudio, an upstart from Gen. Santos City, could only finish 15th in the tough 5-kilometer open water swimming, clocking 1 hour, 17 minutes and 18.27 seconds. Camyl Evangelista went second to last at 17th with 1:36:53.95 also in the girls side.

Northern Territory’s Rachel McLean was the only swimmer to break the hour barrier with a time of 57 minutes 42.6 seconds for the gold medal.

She made it double gold by winning the 17-Over 10-k girls event in one hour, 58 minutes 10.05 seconds.

Ewil Plasabas, the lone entry in the boys 5-k class, finished a distant 16th, with 1 hour, 7 minutes and 4.26 seconds.The race was won by Logan Kirean of Queensland in 57 minutes, 34.24 seconds. Max Thorn of Surrey Park won the gold in the 10-k event in 1:58-01.83.

Haroon Cali and Allan Jovero, winners of the twin silver medals won by the delegation alongside 6 bronzes, decided to skip the event.

“Masyadong malamig,” said Cali after waking up to a frosty morning here.