Batu is new Davao Horse Club President

Erstwhile big biker and founding president of On Any Sunday Riders Club, Jose Salvador “Pete” T. Batu is the new president of the Davao Horse Club, the pioneering organization for horse sport in Southern Mindanao. He succeeds Francis R. Ledesma at the helm of the Club.

The big switch from riding the iron horse to the real horse for the new president happened eight years ago when he was invited to join a trail ride by members of the then-emerging group of horse enthusiasts. According to the businessman and bon vivant himself, the change was rather quick. The trail ride rekindled his cowboy days in General Santos where he spent his younger years. Now at 65, he has proven himself as still the able rider and horseman, leading the pack in the toughest of trail rides and gamely competing in the Royal Category of the annual horse competition circuit of the Philippine Horsemen’s Federation.

“I love the Davao Horse Club,” Batu so proudly declares, adding that apart from getting a different high from galloping on a horse, the Club is truly a family-oriented organization. And the cowboy certainly means what he says. Because of this love for the sport and the Club, he has brought practically his whole family into the sport – from his wife Esperanza (Neneng) to his children and grandchildren. Though Neneng herself doesn’t ride, she is known to support her husband totally in Club activities (like cooking delicious food for meetings and trail rides) while his son Petejun and daughter Melody and son-in-law Dean Gonzales have become horse lovers and active members of the Club. And so have his grandchildren Mikko, Alyssa and Nikki Boy who are now themselves competing in horse shows. The family maintains a stable of Arabian and half Arabian horses.

To ensure the success of his term as president, Batu has enlisted the full support of all the Club’s past presidents by appointing them as officers. These are Bong Ledesma, Sally and Benedicto Lim, Jr., George W. Misa, Andrew Tan and Jeric Olaguer. Add to this list of officers Tito Sorongon, Chelo Tan, Luchie Olaguer, Albert and Carol Angel and Dean Gonzales. Likewise, he has appointed the following as directors: Mike Dizon, Vic Noble, James Velasco, Marlon Mabanag and Danny Barlis. On January 27, they were all sworn into office by Councilor Danny Dayanghirang (a horse rider himself in his hometown in Davao Oriental) representing Mayor Rodrigo Duterte at Marina Park Stables, Home of the Davao Horse Club.

Pete Batu, the big biker-turned-horseman may have big plans for the Davao Horse Club for 2008 but as plans go, these can change. Eldest grandchild and budding rider, Mikko Gonzales, describes his lolo’s passion thus, “what cannot change is his big heart for the family, horseback riding and his love for the Club.” gwm

Pete Batu (extreme right).(CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)

22 thoughts on “Batu is new Davao Horse Club President”

  1. Please send a letter to:
    Davao Horse Club
    Marina Stable
    Matina Aplaya, Davao City

    Or better ask the sports editors in Cebu like Jun Migallen of Sunstar Cebu. He can help you.

  2. Hi I am from Kidapawan City, I have 3 Horses in my house ,but they are very wild!!!I need a trainer to train their good character..

    I hope you can help me,to recommend one horse trainer…

    1. hello betty.
      if you have the chance to come to davao city, please just go directly at the marina park stable at times beach area.
      just look for mr.misa or dr.gonzales or any of their staff.
      they can help you.

  3. To whom it may concern!Magandang umaga!
    Maayong buntag!
    I would like to ask for your help to find Bodo and Babes address for me, both actively riding horses in Davao. They have moved in Davao from Ecoland to another home and I don’t have their new address. My e-mails to both of them come back as failures.
    Bodo will celebrate his birthday soon and I would like to send my greetings.
    If you can ,please be so kind and answer my e-mail.
    I would appreciate to hear from you.
    Salamat sa kabutihan mo.
    Yours Hildegard Champion

  4. Mr. Billacura,

    Is it possible at all to get Pete Batu’s email? He might be my long lost classmate from UE.

    Thanks for your kind assistance.

    Bobby Ballecer

    1. Mr. Billacura,

      I am still trying to get the email of Jose Pete Batu. I now (for 42 years) in California and have lost contact with him since 1966. Pete was my classmate at UE and I would like to get in touch with him.

      Thanks in advance.

      Robert (Bobby) Ballecer

    2. Hi. I would like to inform Mr. Bobby Ballecer that he can reach my father, Pete Batu, through my email:… In the meantime, I will inform my dad that Mr. Ballecer is trying to reach him. Thank you very much.

  5. Hi!Just want to know if you do some trail riding. Will be visiting my family there in Davao. just want to know if you take beginner riders? My husband and I have experienced in horseback riding (western riding) but my family there none of them rides. what are your hours, pricing and etc.. if you could email me more information, i’ll appreciate it. Thanks

    1. Hi Daz..We had just concluded the recent 13th Davao Horse Show & Competition. As of the moment, our horses are taking a break from the extensive training they went through weeks prior to the competition. We are also preparing the new “Home” of the Davao Horse Club which will be at the Davao Crocodile Park Complex. But I would like to inform you that we do trail riding almost every other weekend. The last trail ride we had was with Sports Unlimited hosts MARC NELSON and DYAN CASTILLEJO last April 15, 2011. You may reach us through my email: for more details. thank you.

  6. Hi! I was wondering if you could help me out. Do you know where I can practice riding horses in Davao? Like equestrian riding as in English saddle or the kind of riding discipline used for playing polo.


  7. Hey!I am just wondering if you sell horses? I think a Mare or a Gelding would be better for me. And I’m wondering if you give lessons to me? I am a rider myself but I think I should get some advices and more lessons so I can learn my future horse 🙂

  8. hi good day, gibasa nko mga conversations diri sa inyong site..ang concern nko kay medyo pareha kay Daz.. akong sister gikan US gusto mg-try ug different kind of sports or hobbies.. pwede ba mi mg-horseback ridding just for 1day.. just to experience that its more fun in davao.. asking ko sa price, hours and requirements for horseback ridding..? thank you, hoping for your reply as soon as possible

  9. magandang araw po sir.just wondering if your also selling horses and does the teaching to ride properly horses?whats the amount that I will spending for it.including the saddle,maintenance for it?thank you

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