Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all!
May we have a peaceful, productive, healthy 2008!


Goodbye Batman

I just learned that the late Ferdie “Batman” Lintuan’s favorite song is the Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.
Lintuan, a blocktimer of Manila Broadcasting Company’s dxGO Aksyon Radyo and columnist of Sunstar Davao’s Super Balita, is the fifth journalist killed this year according to the National Union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP).
The second from the Davao Sportswriters Association (DSA) after photojournalist Gene Boyd Lumawag of Mindanews, who was gunned down in Jolo, Sulu Province 1,134 days ago.
Goodbye Batman.
See you in the Resurrection.

Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy
Because I’m easy come, easy go
A little high, little low
Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me

Mama, just killed a man
Put a gun against his head
Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead
Mama, life had just begun
But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away
Mama, ooo
Didn’t mean to make you cry
If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
Carry on, carry on, as if nothing really matters

Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine
Body’s aching all the time
Goodbye everybody – I’ve got to go
Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
Mama, ooo – (anyway the wind blows)
I don’t want to die
I sometimes wish I’d never been born at all

I see a little silhouetto of a man
Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango
Thunderbolt and lightning – very very frightening me
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo, Gallileo,
Gallileo Figaro – magnifico

But I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me
He’s just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity
Easy come easy go – will you let me go
Bismillah! No – we will not let you go – let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go – let him go
Bismillah! We will not let you go – let me go
Will not let you go – let me go (never)
Never let you go – let me go
Never let me go – ooo
No, no, no, no, no, no, no –
Oh mama mia, mama mia, mama mia let me go
Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me
for me
for me

So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
So you think you can love me and leave me to die
Oh baby – can’t do this to me baby
Just gotta get out – just gotta get right outta here

Ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Nothing really matters
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters – nothing really matters to me

Anyway the wind blows…

Brodeth, Yamyamin sizzle in PAFP golfest

TJ Brodeth and Joe Yamyamin shared the top honors of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) Open Golf Tournament, recently, at the Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club.
Brodeth submitted a 72 for the over-all gross title while Yamyamin’s 66 gave him the over-all net crown.
Louie Brodeth fired a 79 for the gross crown in class A whiel Victor Co landed runner-up to Brodeth. Joel Garcia bagged the net title with a 69 while Alex Rivera finished net runner-up with a 70.
In class B, Peter Deloria won as gross champion with an 85 while North Cotabato Vice Governor Manny Piñol sizzled with an 72 to take the net crown.Jun Bernardino wound up gross runner-up with an 87 while Rene Lopez finished second to Piñol.
In class C, Orlando Pacioles scored a 95 and Gani Nathan Sorilla tallied a 72 to win the gross and net titles, respectively. Bobby Apigo and Hermie Martin finished gross and net runners-up, respectively.

RRD dartsfest starts

The final round of the darts competition of the 2007 Pamaskong Handog ni Mayor Rodrigo Duterte Sportsfest is on Saturday night, December 29, at the Mantex Ihaw Ihaw compound.

The first round started on Friday night with the best darters competing for honors.

Prizes are up for grabs in the two-night tournament presented by Mayor Duterte with the support of City Sports Coordinator Christopher “Bong” Go.

Lazarte, Venus lead 11th RPVGCC winners

Rolly Lazarte and Ben Venus emerged top winners in the 11th Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club’s Monthly Tournament, recently.

Lazarte sizzled with an 84 for the over-all gross title while Venus shot a 69 for the over-all net crown.

Jaime Lopez went home with the net title with a 72 to share the honors in the senior’s division.

Kang Min Jun won the over-all gross title in the women’s division with 117 while Paraluman Hager clinched the over-all net crown with 126.

Gen.Oscar Calderon’s 85 gave him the over-all gross title in the guest’s division while over-all net chamipion was Martin Magralbian who shot a 68.

Khalik Samanodi fired 115 for the 11 years old and under title while Kurish Samanodin won the 12 to 17 years old crown with a 101.

5TH RRD-AFP/PNP FINALS:CMO upsets PRO XI, 86-79 in Game 3

The City Mayor’s Office engaged the Police Regional Office in a hotly-contested Game 3 but the City Hall-based cagers prevailed, 86-79 to win the 5th RRD-AFP/PNP Basketball Finals, 2-1, Saturday night, at the Davao City Recreation Center.


Joswe Torregosa sparked the run for PRO XI at the start of the fourth quarter to cut CMO’s lead to just four points, 63-67, eight minutes and 16 seconds left.


PRO XI’s Geramel Merano stepped up in the last six minutes but Ariel Bonleon, Elias Resurreccion and Melchor Gadiano responded for CMO to stretch the lead, 80-72, 1:49 remaining.


Torregosa, who was awarded the most valuable player trophy, came back with back-to-back shots, 76-82, 49 seconds remaining and Resty Go buried a three-point shot, 79-82, 38 ticks left but Marvin Mondigo scored an undergoal stab, 84-79, 31 seconds remaining.


Time was no longer on the side for men of PRO XI Director Andres Caro II who were forced to foul CMO that sent Dindo Pastor and City Sports Coordinator Christopher “Bong” Go to the free throw lines.


Go, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s Executive Assistant, sealed the victory for CMO with a gift shot, 86-79.


Go led CMO with 24 points while Torregosa hit 15 for PRO XI.


Prizes were awarded to the winners right after Game 3 of the tournament presented by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Go and the CMO’s cash prize was distributed to the winners as bonus.


Davao City Police Office’s Rodolfo Bustaleño, who suited up for PRO XI in the last tournament, led members of the Mythical Five that included Bureau of Fire Protection’s Kristian Coquilla, a former CMO cager, PRO XI’ s Resty Go, a former spitfire at the Holy Cross of Davao College, CMO’s Ariel Bonleon and Ferdinand Pastor.


Bureau of Fire Protection placed third, followed by Davao City Police Office at fourth, Regional Mobile Group at fifth, 22nd Company at sixth, 28th Infantry Battalion at seventh and 10th Infantry Division at eighth.


The scores:


CMO (86)- B.Go 24, Bonleon 12, Gadiano 11, Mondigo 10, Bangkas 9, Pastor 7, Alquizar 5, Resurreccion 4, Mosqueda 3, Josol 1.


PRO XI (79)- Torregosa 15, Mendez 10, R.Go 10, Reyes 9, Merano 7, Alcano 7, Josol 7, Awitin 6, Albania 4, dela Rosa 4.

UM A dominates RRD Pamaskong Handog College Sepak Takraw finals

University of Mindanao A used its superior skills to trounce the DMMA College of Southern Philippines, 2-0 in the 2007 Pamaskong Handog ni Mayor Rodrigo Duterte College Sepak Takraw finals, Saturday afternoon, at the City Hall Drive.

Errol Valencia relently attacked at the net to pile up more points for UM A which started to pull away for good from 16-14 to 20-15. Mark Ong, Enjon Latonio helped with the defense to stop the attacks from DCSP.

DCSP had to rely on Melbert Ecoy, currently being courted by Philippine Amateur Sepak Takraw Association (Pasta) officials to join the national team in Manila, but they could not find a solution to destroy UM A’s better plays and defense.

Awarding of prizes immediately followed with Davao Sipa Sepak Takraw Association President Nilda Sebellino leading officials in the ceremony.

The tournament was presented by Mayor Rodrigo Duterte with City Sports Coordinator Christopher “Bong” Go’s support and sanctioned by Pasta Davao.